Meet our interns!

Our FCF team is continuing to grow, and I can't go another day without introducing you to two AMAZING ladies who are helping out with important FCF details behind the scene. I'd like to introduce you to…drumroll please… our FABULOUS interns!

Becca Hawkes, Graphic Design and Photography

Graphics Intern

Hello!  I’m Becca. I grew up moving around the world with my family, but am a small (like super small) town girl at heart.  My husband and I met when we were just young-ins and got married six years ago.  Since then we have lived in Utah, Virginia, and for now we are calling Wyoming our home.  So far there are three little ones running through the halls of our home.  No cats, no dogs, no pets.  But one day we plan on having a farm and owning just about every animal we love, including bees, goats, and buffalo.  I studied art at BYU-Provo and am now earning a certificate of Web Design, dreaming of the behind-the-scenes to blogs, graphics, and websites.  I blog at, and I am so very excited to be working with the team here at Fun, Cheap, or Free!

10 Random Things About Me

  1. I am not afraid of spiders, but mold makes me jump and scream.
  2. I collect aprons, old keys, and vintage flowery pillowcases.
  3. I love to paint, but I rarely make the time.
  4. I appreciate grammar and correct punctuation.  Neither of which I am good at myself.
  5.  When I was little I was stalked and attacked by a little monkey.
  6.  I love love love visiting the library with my kids.  We bring home way too many books each week, but they’re free!  So why not?
  7.  My favorite dates include milkshakes from Arctic Circle and eating them on the couch while we watch a movie.
  8.  I love a good fun chick-flick and just about the only books I read are Young-adult magic-filled books.
  9.  I love to sew but usually make it up as I go.  Patterns intimidate me.
  10.  I love desserts so very much, but I’d have to say ice cream is my favorite.


Alisha Barton, Operations Intern

FCF intern

I am 28 years old. Most people pronounce my name as “Alicia” but is actually pronounced “A- lish (as in fish)- a. I have been married to my Husband Barry for 7 1/2 years. We have been nicknamed “bearylish”. We love to visit National Parks, Yellowstone being our favorite. We generally try and go there at least once a year.  We have no human children but we do have an Australian Shepherd lab mix who is our baby. I have recently started a photography business hoping to make that my full time career. I love to craft and cook. I have an obsession with the color orange. Like huge obsession. I even have a room in my house that is painted orange, and that is my craft room. I have been a follower of FCF for awhile and  I am so excited to work with Jordan and the Fun Cheap or Free team.


Send some virtual hugs and good juju their way over the next few months as they help us behind the scenes. Thanks ladies, from the bottom of my heart!!



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