I can't do it. I can't hold it in. I can't take it any longer! I have to shout it from the rooftops, scream it to the world…I'M IN LOVE!

With Bubba, obviously.

But also in love with my new FCF TEAM! I will introduce you to everyone soon, but first, I have to introduce you to my new right-hand woman, Chelsea.

World? Chelsea. Chelsea? World.


Chelsea is our new Marketing Manager over here at FCF and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! She is fun, organized, energetic, creative, and is a rock-star marketer. Oh yeah, and she is gorgeous. NBD.

chelseaUm Chels, Abercrombie called and they want their model back.

I could sit and gush about her all day, but I thought I would have Chelsea tell you all about her in her own words. Take it away, Chels!

Hello! I'm Chelsea-the newest member of FCF! I am so excited to work for Jordan, and I am excited for what this year is going to bring for FCF and YOU! I am a public relations student at Utah Valley University and I will be graduating this spring. I married the love of my life on September 20, 2013 and I am LOVING the married life. No kids, but we do have a horse ( I am not a horse person-but I am quickly becoming one). We love spending time with our friends and family, especially at Lake Powell. In my free time, I love to craft, browse Pinterest, and read blogs.

Ten random things about me:

1. I think everyday is a good day for a cupcake and Sonic happy hour.
2. I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. It's a problem. I love sleep.
3. I love being at the lake, but have an irrational fear that there are sharks in the water. They are there. I promise.
4. I love to dance. I am always dancing in the kitchen, car, stores-pretty much wherever music is playing.
5. Riley proposed to me in the basement of the home we were building. It was the perfect proposal.
6. I played tennis in middle school and high school and was even a tennis coach, but I HATE being close to the net because I always get hit by the ball. Always.
7. I have a dog named Piper who lives with my parents. We call her poo-friend, friender, frieny friender, poo-bear, fluff n stuff, etc. I even have a “voice” that I use to talk for her. My husband finds it embarrassing.
8. I want a pet goat.
9. I want to be on Ellen just so I can dance with her.
10. Birthdays are my favorite holiday. Everyone gets one AND you get to eat cake. It's a win-win.
I'm excited to be on the team and to meet all of you!!
*     *     *     *     *
Seriously, could she be any greater? It was a really hard decision because every applicant for the job was pretty outstanding. I was beyond flattered, frankly. But I felt in my gut the moment I read her application that she would be the right fit for what we need over here. So please take a moment to give her some love, and welcome her to the family!
OH! And I can't leave without thanking Lindsay for everything she has done for us! She is spreading her wings and flying off to work on her own blog (which is great, you should all check it out: One Beautiful Home) and do mommy-hood full-time. So it was with big hugs and lots of love that we say BYE to our fabulous Lindsay who served us all so well for the last 1.5 years! We will miss you Lindsay!
Wedding photos were from J.Taylor Photography