March: Focus on Fitness Month – FREE printable calendar, weekly challenges and more!

FREE ‘Focused on Fitness’ printable calendar for March. Weekly challenges to help you get better sleep, move your body, say NO to sugar, etc. THIS IS SO GOOD!! From

Are you loving the month long challenges that we've done as part of Focused in '19? It's been such a great opportunity to Focus on Relationships and Focus on Finances this year. With the beginning of a new month it means we are ready to move on to our NEXT monthly challenge…

March: Focus on Fitness Month

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a little less than enthused about the whole “working out thing” (slowly raises hand), our March: Focus on Fitness theme is going to have something for everyone. In a nutshell, we are here to encourage a little more overall health and fitness all around. Whether it's drinking more water, getting better sleep and adding more steps into our day…this month, we are covering it all.

Here's how it will work:

FREE ‘Focused on Fitness’ printable calendar for March. Weekly challenges to help you get better sleep, move your body, say NO to sugar, etc. THIS IS SO GOOD!! From

First, make sure you’ve you’ve signed up for the March calendar HERE.

It will be emailed to you, so keep an eye on your email and spam folder. Print it out, put it somewhere where you will see it, and follow along! Additionally, check your emails. Each week we will be sending out updates, tips, “rules” for the challenges, and more.

Second, follow along with the challenges each week!

This month we want to encourage everyone to commit to setting a few health/fitness goals. It doesn't need to be weight loss or running a marathon either. It can be as simple as drinking more water, getting more sleep, or stretching more. The point is to challenge yourself and above all, HAVE FUN!

FREEBS StepBet competition!

As part of the fun we've even created a “step challenge” through Stepbet just for Freebs! It's a little extra motivation to get moving and a lot of fun. The Stepbet will start Monday, March 4th so you've got some time to prepare. We will send an email out with all the details if you want to join in. Make sure you are signed up HERE to get the emails if you would like to join us. We even made a printable goal sheet for you to write your goals for the month, and keep track of your awesome progress!

More on setting accomplishable goals HERE.

FREE ‘Focused on Fitness’ printable calendar for March. Weekly challenges to help you get better sleep, move your body, say NO to sugar, etc. THIS IS SO GOOD!! From


Every day this week, make it a point to do ONE extra thing that gets your body up and moving a little more! There are a LOT of opportunities to move more that we miss. Need a few ideas to get you started? Hold a dance party in the kitchen, take the stairs instead of an elevator, going on a walk with your family, or taking a back-row spot in a parking lot.  Whatever it is, get up and moving! Share your own ideas with everyone on social media using the #FocusOnFitness hashtag so we can all inspire each other.

FREE ‘Focused on Fitness’ printable calendar for March. Weekly challenges to help you get better sleep, move your body, say NO to sugar, etc. THIS IS SO GOOD!! From


Before you panic, this doesn't mean we will ONLY take in water. What it DOES mean is for 7 days consume NOTHING to drink, except for water. No soda, coffee, alcohol, Crystal Lite, Gatorade, Propel. Zilch, zero, nada. Just straight h20. While there may be some healthy options out there, most of us don't get enough plain straight water. This week's challenge will help us get our bodies what they need, let our taste buds get all the other stuff out of their system, and do our body good!


When you look at the calendar do you start dreading this week too? I get it. This is hands down the hardest week for me. For 7 days do your best to avoid ALL SUGAR! How extreme you go on this challenge is up to you, since there is basically sugar in everything. Just decide for yourself what your goal will be. For me, it will mostly be obvious sugar like sugary cereal, candy, desserts, sugary snacks, etc. I won't worry too much about the sugar that's baked into my bread, taco shells, etc. This one is going to be tough but I am glad we are doing it together. After that, share your wins with us on social media!

FREE ‘Focused on Fitness’ printable calendar for March. Weekly challenges to help you get better sleep, move your body, say NO to sugar, etc. THIS IS SO GOOD!! From


I'm a night owl by nature and used to stay up late for work and projects. After adjusting my schedule and getting more sleep, I found it had a HUGE impact on my life. I was able to focus more and be more productive. This week let's commit to going to bed early and and waking up earlier. In addition, let's turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime and work on a night time routine that will help us get better sleep.

That's A Wrap!

We made it! Phew! Now go weigh yourself, measure yourself, check your goal sheet, look at the steps you took and just think about how much better you feel overall…after that, share your success with the world! You've earned it! Use the #FocusOnFitnessMonth hashtag so we can all cheer each other on.

Make sure you are signed up HERE to receive your printable calendar, be ready to participate in our “step challenge”, and get ready to rock your fitness goals. Share those fitness goals on social media using the #FocusOnFitness hashtag for accountability and motivation too!


Ready. Set. Go!



  1. AvatarMaria says

    I just downloaded Google fit to join the funcheaporfree stepbet challenge, but I can’t since I don’t have enough storage data about my fitness goals yet.
    Could you please host another game in the future??

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Definitely! Also, I believe that our game has a one week grace week where people can still join? I’m not sure though…. I will let you know for sure.

  2. AvatarKaycee says

    Ok I needed this! I started working out every morning January first. And daaaang it’s hard to get out of bed now! Recommitment happening NOW! ??

  3. AvatarRachell says

    I like this month’s challenge because I need to work on all of these! I need more sleep, so I am going to work on that all month long, not just the last week.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      That is a GREAT idea! We will be posting articles and stuff on social media about getting more sleep all month long. 🙂

  4. AvatarKelsey Schmidt says

    I love that this is marchs focus. Most people focus on this in January and then lose steam around now. Love that this is a little reminder to take care of ourselves year round!

  5. AvatarAngie says

    I am loving your challenges jordan! I’m still working on January and February because relationships and budgets are a mess currently, but I’m keeping up and even joined Budget Boot Camp! I think you should do a post about women and the gym and how to get through the intimidation of weights and not knowing what to do, etc. I grew exercising a lot, I was an athlete so it doesn’t bother me, but I see it a lot at my gyms over the years. Thanks!

  6. AvatarKati Page says

    I am so excited for this. I just signed up for the email. I hurt my leg skiing so, my kind of fitness will be a little easier but this will for sure get me in the mood to actually start working out ?

  7. AvatarBrandi McMillan says

    I just love following you on Instagram and reading your blog! You keep it real and your hilarious with great tips! Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for the chance at the fun giveaways!

  8. Avatarmichelle Riedel says

    I’m excited to start doing these challenges. Just had my second baby and I need to start getting some excerise and being healthier! Thank you.

  9. AvatarKylynne Cartor says

    Suggestions if you’re stuck inside and can’t get out to move?? It’s too cold to be outside ?

  10. AvatarBrianna says

    I love this so much! I really need to cut the sugar from my diet, drink more water, and get a little more sleep. Thank you for always posting such great content!

  11. AvatarOlivia says

    I’m in the middle of an 8 week fitness challenge at a near by gym and it has been so instructional! I’m trying to remember all of the cool different lifts and exercises so I can use them at a cheaper gym when the 8 weeks is up ?

  12. AvatarCharise says

    So excited for this. Although I’m not sure how more sleep week will go. My toddler makes me more tired than my newborn does

  13. AvatarErica says

    This type of calendar really speaks to my ocd planning, breaking things into categories kind of heart! It makes tackling things so much easier just bits at a time to focus on so its easier to stay on track and not get overwhelmed!

  14. AvatarAlyssa Hoffman says

    This is exactly the kind of challenge I needed!! I’ve already done great this year for New Years resolutions, but I needed this extra boost. Definitely excited!!

  15. AvatarMorgan Leach says

    This month’s challenge is exactly what I needed and so far I am doing great at taking that time out for myself. Even if it’s just 20 -30 minutes for yoga. It’s so beneficial!

  16. AvatarMariam S. John says

    Hey Jordan,
    Started following you a week back and already loving your ideas and challenges. Last week, I incorporated the “move your body” challenge and it made a good difference.
    This week, my hubby and I are challenging each other to the “water only week” along with the next new adventure.
    Thanks, and may God bless you and your family.

  17. AvatarMary Woods says

    I’m super late to this ? I’m just now seeing it! I’m going to use it for April though lol! I am on a HUGE weight loss journey that I started 3 week ago (down 6 pounds! Go me!) so I’ll definitely book mark this and refer back to it!

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