How to make your mascara last longer

Here's a simple trick for how to make mascara last 2x longer! But first, some rambling. Why? Because I've been sick, I miss you, and I think the DayQuil has gone to my head. So humor me, will ya?

My eyes are huge.

I know this, not only because I have sight and live in a world with mirrors, but because growing up people felt like they had to tell me, as if I didn't know. over. and over. and over.

There's nothing technically wrong with having huge eyes…I don't think. I can probably see more than the average person (more than Bubba with his pretty green squinty eyes, that's for sure!), and dressing them up with makeup is lots of fun. But I get eyelashes, dirt, and bugs (yes bugs) in my eyes CONSTANTLY. But above all my #1 pet peeve? I run out of mascara FAST. Why? Not sure. More lashes maybe? Either way, here's a quick tip to make your mascara last 2x longer!

How to make your mascara last longer

You know that point when your mascara is running low and isn't really working well any more, even after pumping and swirling until your knuckles go blue? Instead of calling it quits and sending your poor mascara to the trash, add a few drops of water or saline to the tube. Pump and swirl, and BAM! You can use that baby for WEEKS longer!

Note: my cousin is married to an optometrist and says it's important to not put anything unsanitary in your mascara tube, and that you really should throw mascara away after 2 months or so. So, do with that information what you will.

Another side-tip, when you pump your mascara wand, make sure to not lift the wand too much; keep your wand inside the tube while pumping. If you pump air into the tube it will make your mascara dry up faster.

There you go! Fly free and have a great weekend, little birds!