A simple price notebook can help you save 1/2 on your groceries.
I just got back from a trip home to Oregon and had some major shopping to do! While shopping I realized I should probably show you my price notebook and how it saves me so much money. By taking note of the best price of an item, it helps you know when something is truly a good deal, which will help you save HALF on your groceries each month! So I made a quick video to show you how it works, and how it can teach you to learn your prices and save you MUCHO dinero at the grocery store! While you're at it check out how I grocery shop to see how I save 1/2 on my groceries each week, without clipping coupons. Hope you enjoy!

The Value of a Price Notebook

I have mentioned many times  a price notebook that I keep on-hand at all times. (see HEREHERE, and HERE for examples). Let me tell you, this is an absolute life saver! It's a simple concept, check out this video explaining how – and why – I use mine.
Click HERE to watch it online, or simply watch the video below:

See? Isn't that easy?

Here are some pictures and tips to help illustrate my video better:

Here's my handy dandy notebook. Small, sturdy, cheap, flexible, cute – a must 😉
Here is an example of a page of mine. (Sorry about the poor pics, they were taken with my phone.)
  • Note the unit. Notice that I am specific to label every unit price. If it's per pound, write it. If it's per each, write it. If it's a specific type of apple or pear, write it.
  • Always keep the best price. If you write down a price but come across a better price in the future, replace it with the better price. You can see below that I did that with yellow onions and whole carrots.
  • Keep it up to date! Prices are always changing based on what's in season, how the crops did, where you live and shop, etc. So always be aware of and notice prices, even if it's an item that you buy regularly and have the price memorized.
  • Be very specific about the size of things. Notice my Downy Softener below. I specified that it's liquid, AND how many loads it can wash. It takes hardly any time to do this, but will make all the difference in the world!

The categories I have in my notebook are:

Canned foods
Baking items
Meat – chicken
Meat – pork
Meat – beef
Meat – seafood
Produce – veggies
Produce – fruits
Hope that helps! I promise you, if you keep a price notebook on-hand you will – quite literally – save your family thousands of dollars over time. Knowledge is power, so KNOW YOUR PRICES!
Give it a try and let me know how it goes!