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Loved trying a daytime LIVE Q&A today! So many of you tuned in, and your questions were beyond amazing (seriously, I have the best readers). We started a little late…kid issues, internet issues, general issues with life itself, but still had great time.

Click and watch the video below (or watch online HERE) and scroll down to see what questions were asked/answered (as well as any helpful posts that go along with it) so you can skip around the video if you'd like. Enjoy! (P.S see all my other Q&A's HERE)

2:01 Where do you buy Maternity Clothes?

3:47 Karen: Can you talk about how to incorporate debt pay off into your monthly budget system?

6:39 Amanda: How much money do you recommend having saved before having a first baby?

9:33 Lauren : What are your go-to meals when you only have $25 or 30 for groceries?

12:19 Shawnee: What kinds of activities do you do with your little ones to entertain them? I feel like I turn to the TV WAY too much…My little guy is 2 1/2

16:42 Educe: How do you budget for clothing? And what stores you recommend?

20:53 Natalie: What are your children's favorite toys (for younger children 1-3 years old)?

23:40 Jennifer: Where do you buy home decor?

27:19 Iryna: You're one busy momma. What is your daily routine? What are the top ten things you always do every day?

**PS Stay tuned for an updated Day in the Life 

31:29 Ashton: My husband and I are in a total of FOUR weddings this summer. Two of which we are the Maid of Honor and Man of Honor!! What is your gift budget for weddings when you are in the wedding party?

34:39 Brittany: I would love some advice on how to get in the habit of a weekly date night. It's really important to my husband and I to do that but for some reason we can't seem to get in the habit. We don't have any kids yet (our first is due in April!) but we do both work full time and my husband is in school. How do you make sure to have date night religiously when life is crazy?

38:46  Vicky : Rentals, how to separate accounts or manage them properly? where do you get money for clothes shopping, waffle maker, etc?

41:32 Amanda : I know you like to get your house decor at yard sales. Do you have any other ideas for shopping for frugal house decor?

44:04 Mackenzie : Can you explain your coupon system so stuff gets used? How do you organize it?

46:36 Amber : Talk to me about preschools! What do you look for in a preschool? How much do you pay for preschool? How do you budget for preschool?

46:36 Carey : Are you frugal with utilities? I can budget my spending in all areas but utilities are killing me. Keep the thermostat lowish in the winter, higher in the summer, line dry, and I still cringe when I get my electric and gas bills.

54:22 Bri: I don't need you to answer this since it's not a question – but I just loved hearing your easy to make recipes (I'm not really a cook either!) – that would be an AWESOME blog post!!

55:34 Aubrey : Have you ever thought about doing a grocery shopping trip? Kind of like the Grocery Guru? I would be interested and willing to pay to learn your skills in person.

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57:21 Claire: Do you and your husband ever get into a rut as far as conversation on dates and after the kids go to bed? Being home all day with the kids and more times than not, I don't really leave the house so my mind feels BLANK by the end of the day

1:01:59 Alejandra :How do you stay so skinny specially since you always say you don't really care too much or are too picky about the food you eat? Lol!


Thanks for everyone who tuned in! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get to everyone's questions. Can I get some feedback on this Q&A from y'all? What do you think? Did you like the mid-day chat? Too long? Too short? Too many kids popping in? (haha!…no, really…) let me know what you think!