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I had such a blast at the Live Q&A last night! (Psst – see all the other Q&A's HERE.) SO MANY great questions came rolling in, thanks to everyone who participated! There was a great range of questions this time from getting my kids to bed, my fitness and diet routine, transitioning to a stay at home mom, to having friends to dinner without stressing out, to my thoughts on timeshares…and more! (Plus a cameo from a huge pile of crap in my room, and Bubba himself.)

Below is a list of all the questions asked/answered and what time in the video they pop up so you can skip around. But first, check out the video!

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Here are all the questions that were covered in this video:

1:30 Kathryn: I need advice both financially and mentally on preparing the transition from a working mom to a stay at home mom. Any ideas or tips on saving money, activities, daily schedule.. Thanks so much!

5:50 Rasi: I'm only 26 years old & I proudly have no credit card debt. However I've had 2 major neck surgeries & I still continue to have procedures & doctor appointments all of the time, causing me rack up almost $6,000 in medical bills. My boyfriend & I have a house together & for the past month I have been off of work per the doctors request. My boyfriend has all of our regular bills covered, but I am trying extremely hard to get a plan for my medical bills. What would you recommend?

9:02 Tiffany: “How do you keep your grocery vs. other budget straight if you are buying things from both categories in one shopping trip. Such as if you go to Costco and you buy grocery items plus some gift items or kid's clothes? Do you include it all as grocery or break it out by item?”

12:07 Leslie: How do you stay so slim and healthy? What is your diet and exercise routine like? It is hard to believe you have had 4 kids!

16:12 Candice: Heading to the draper area this weekend for a mini vaca. We havent eaten out in weeks so we could eat out this weekend. Any suggestions?”

18:00 Michelle: Mom of two and a half year twin boys in Iowa here — just curious as to your kids' bedtime (if it's changed since last post), bedtime routine and how long it honestly takes the littles to fall asleep. We are just beginning the struggle – it stays light so late!! Curious as to how it works for your family!”

23:37 Lana: On your price book, how do you know when the lowest price isn't the lowest price any more?”

26:52 Erica: How do you feel about timeshares from an “ambudance” standpoint? My husband and I just recently bought in and can afford it but I've really been wondering lately if it was the best use of our money. Vacations are super important to me. I'm 27 and to think my vacations would be paid of in 10 years was really appealing. What are your thoughts?

30:30 The missus Hulbert: I was wondering how much you spend a fortnight on groceries as we too have 4 young children . thx!

33:42 Brandi: Will you be having another frugality class soon?”

36:00 Aimoku: I was wondering what advice you have to stay motivated to save when it feels like that's all you've been doing for forever. I know that it's important, but it's not always fun and I feel like I sometimes get bogged down especially with social media envy if that makes sense.

40:28 Blanca: I have been trying to follow your suggested cleaning schedule and oh my gosh!!! I can never finish even after adjusting it to fit my home and schedule. Do you still follow the same cleansing schedule currently? Is the post too outdated? How do you clean ALL that in one day and still manage to look well-put-together, take kids to school/activities, cook dinner, make lunches, wash daily dishes…..etc. basically is your cleaning schedule still realistic for you as a super busy mom? Doesn't seem so for me or am I doing something wrong? What am I missing??? Lol

45:09 – Appearance from Bubba!

46:14 Julie: Where did you get a white noise machine? How much was it? I've been searching for a long time.

49:01 Rosy: Will you be doing a follow up post on planning your year in advance? I really liked that post and have been waiting for part 2.

51:50 Laura: One of my goals this year is to have friends over for dinner more often. You seem really great at entertaining! I'm wondering if you have any tips to help entertain without all the stress! My stress usually comes from poor timing. Either things are done too early or I'm still rushing around trying to finish when guests arrive. Plus trying to get the house clean and keeping the kitchen clean while I make the meal is a challenge.

57:17 Sarah: I've started into affiliate marketing with my site that I've been pouring my time into for the past six months. What advice can you give to a new online marketer like me to keep going? I'm starting to see rankings and tiny sales, but I just want it to do better. What has worked well for you?

58:00 Cheryl: How much do you recommend paying for a babysitter per child per hour?”

Thanks for watching, everyone!