Thanks for those who tuned in live to our Q&A #5! For the rest of you, have no fear, you can watch it again…and again…and again…and again…
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I mean really, who wants to hear me ramble for an hour?

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Here are the questions broken down by time-stamp, as well as helpful links:

1:47 from Jennifer- Your daughter has curly hair, my daughter has curly hair! Do you have a good way to keep the frizz under control?
  • I forgot to mention this in the video, but I SWEAR by this leave-in conditioner. It's expensive, but it's a dream on “the nest”. I just spray her hair down with plain water, spray the conditioner, then brush through with a comb. Yes, 3x per day. Poor girl.
3:12 from Kristy– Have you and your hubby always been on the same page with budgeting? Are either of you the “spender” and the other the “saver”, or are you pretty united on each front?
7:02 from RikkiheinHaha I love that you are so secure and confidant! You are cracking me up!! How do you work on feeling so secure in yourself? You're amazing.
14:57 from DebbieWe're wanting to come to the Bootcamp this year – what's in it for the guys? Also (not something everyone else cares about) but we are now # 12 in line for adoption. If we get the baby around then, are tickets refundable?
17:40 from KarissaWill Frugality Boot Camp ever be offered online? for those that can't make it out to Utah?
19:30 from RutaMy son plays hockey and we have a huge fundraiser coming up in form of an auction. Every family has to donate one item worth at least $100, any suggestions how to meet the requirement yet not pay $100?
24:00 from AnnaIf you don't have any credit card debt but do have a car loan ! Do you try to pay the car loan ASAP or start trying to save as much as you can?
26:26 from AmyI would love to see a break down of how much (a percentage) of income each budget item should be. Like how much of your income should be for food, clothes, etc.?
30:07 from LaurynI was wondering how you get started with the 7 bank accounts, we dont bring in much extra money at the end of the month after bills/food so how do we start putting money away into the different accounts?
35:21 from Jessicaare your “what to spend on grocery” averages/guidelines were meant to include household cleaners, etc.
36:06 from AleaWere you concerned at all about “affording” more than 1 child? My husband and I are considering another one but I think about Health Insurance, Schools (Private vs. Public) and the other big expenses. I am not talking about groceries, clothes or diapers – I can figure that out… 🙂
41:50 from NatalieLoved your blog today! Can you outline some of the specific goals you and Bubba decided on to become more financially stable?
45:27 from Ashley– speaking of travel.. we are looking to get airfare for our family (4 seats) for next year & it is looking pretty expensive. Do u have any suggestions, tricks, or tips for finding reasonable airfare?
48:10 form Lauren– Where did you get your cute sweatshirt?
49:47 from Kelly C– I am a current college senior trying to plan for life after graduation. I was wondering, do you have any tips for college students transitioning to “real world” finances?
53:57 from Kelly-lee–  When are you gonna do an office makeover reveal?
55:06 From Jordan– What the heck is going on with this TLC Extreme Cheapstakes show?!?!?
57:00 From SamanthaWhen will you be revealing the new blog layout!? The suspense is peaking my curiosity!
57:24– What is in the bootcamp for the guys?