Last night we had our Live Q&A #4. We had so many live questions come in, I couldn't answer them all this time! You guys rock! No fear to those who posted your question in advance, though. I'm going to do more 5 minute or less videos that answer one question at a time, and will post them individually. So keep your questions coming…whether I get to them live or not, I will get to them eventually 🙂

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3:15 By Kellie – how and where do you save money for presents for family members and friends for birthdays but especially for Christmas?!
7:17 By Penny Taka– Can you tell me what you do for Christmas, do you cook the big turkey, ham dinner or do you dine out? Also what do you want this year for Christmas.
9:30 By Elisa- I was diagnosed with Ciliac's disease so I can't eat any gluten. Now my grocery budget it out of control and so am I lol. I can't seem to make my 450. Budget work. I have a 50. Grocery slush fund bc we have a family of 5, but I like to try and push myself to spend the 50.00 less every month. At this point I am spending well over the 500.00 and have fallen off the budget wagon. I spend over half of my budget on fresh veggies, I switch to mostly frozen fruit to compensate but it isn't helping.
13:00 By Adri8albany What advice would you give couples with no kids?
16:11 Maggy239– Where do you buy diapers?
(*Note: I talk about store-brand vs name-brand items and how it works with stores!)
19:27 By Kate-  Kate Herberth As your children get older, do you foresee yourself increasing the price you would pay for their clothing pieces?
22:43 By Natalie- I feel like You've commented before on how social you are, and you seem to keep busy with friends. How do you meet so many people that make such great friends? I need some new play date friends!
32:00 MadMommyL–  when your kids are school age, how many activities will you let them do? (soccer, dance, piano etc) this is a big part of our budget now.
36:20 Stephanie Thomas How do you budget for 20 visitors coming for Thanksgiving for a few days and you have never had visitors before. (Need more food and pillows and blankets)?


My husband is an over the road truck driver so he has to do his own grocery shopping and budget money for his own personal needs, but consistently goes over budget. Do you have any advice to help us?

Sydni Morris- Do you have game nights with friends? If so, what are some of your favorites?

45:40 Ansley B– Hello from Canada! Just wondering your thoughts on allowances for your children? At what age do you feel you should start and how much?
51:13 ashley ledbetter– Kind of off topic, but I love the boards on the wall behind you. Is it cork board or something else?
53:37 By clara-  I was wondering if you are looking for people on your team and if it volunteer based or if your team is paid for their time?
56:08 By Syd- What do you and the hubs do for cheap dates? I live in the north east and it seems like we can rarely go “do” anything for less than $30.

Thanks for all your great questions!