Live Q&A via Periscope!

Last night I realized it's been for-eh-vuuuur (Sandlot, anyone?) since I've done a Live Q&A. Since I am now officially Periscope obsessed, I thought I'd do a spontaneous Live Q&A and see what happens! I answered questions and chit chatted and it was…well…it was awesome. I loved it. If you don't follow me on Periscope, be sure to download the free app and find me (@FunCheapOrFree) so you don't miss out on any action!

For those who missed the session, I uploaded the video to YouTube so you could watch it in your own time. So plug in those earphones, do your makeup, sort your laundry, or fill the dishwasher as you hear me answer questions including (but not limited to): What kind of diaper bag I use, how we get the kids out of the house, where I grew up, how I manage my kids at restaurants, makeup tips, how we came up with our kids' names, and more (including a cameo of #PoorChubbyOllie)!

See the video online or click and watch below:

Ps I promise to write down the questions next time so I don't lose track. It's hard to answer questions and read questions at the same time! ha! I promise to practice though. I'll be a pro, you wait and see. Here are some of the things I mentioned in my Q&A:

Additional links:

  • Where I bought my diaper bag (Zulily), the bag is Timi and Leslie and I LOVE IT.
  • Here's where to find my makeup videos , and my favorite makeup is from NS Minerals (use the code FUNCHEAP to get 10% off!)
  • The grocery shopping website I use:
  • All my Costco tips in one place

So, what did you think of the Periscope Q&A? Would you like to see more like these? Let me know!

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Thanks for watching, see you Thursday 🙂