Q&A#3 recap: Disciplining kids, white teeth, debt, & more!

Sep 17, 2013 | Baby and Kids, Get Out of Debt, Lifestyle, Parenting

We had lots of fun at our Live Q&A #3!

The fun part is that Google+ (follow me HERE) now has a feature where you can type a question directly to me WHILE I'm filming, rather than having to post it to FB or Twitter! It makes it so much easier and interactive!

To make the Q&A easier for you, we have broken down the questions and where to find them in the video, and included helpful links. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Click HERE to watch the video online, or click to watch it below.

2:05 How do you discipline your kids? By: Kelsey
6:22 With 3 kids and all the other things you're busy with, how and when do you check Facebook, Instagram, emails, etc? By: Amy
Helpful links:
10:08 – How do you get your teeth so white? Kristen and others
12:06 – Is your frugality bootcamp different each year? If I went last year is it worth it to go this year? By: Kandice
14:30 – I've got my monthly grocery budget down to $400/month for our family of 3…and we still cut it close each month. We have an upcoming adoption and I'm stumped as to how we'll add the cost of diapers, formula, and wipes! What would you suggest? By: Debbie
18:15– What's your take on gambling? Just as the power ball lottery jackpot kept growing this week, I wondered if you ever buy tickets to have the chance of winning? By Steph
20:34– Is there an item that you splurge on and can't live without? By: Melanie
23:40– My husband and I are working towards buying our first home at the moment so I wonder if you have any advice about that. How do you save for a down payment? What steps do you think are important to get your finances in a healthy place for home buying? By Brittany
28:30– How did you start blogging? And how did you build such a huge following? Would love to blog and try to make something of it, but don't know where to start! :o) By Ashley
32:15– Now that you have a morning napper (Beck), has that changed your routine of getting out of the house every day with your kiddos? By Laura
36:40– Do you do your grocery shopping with the kids during the day or when Bubba is home watching them? If you take them with you, any tips on how to keep them under control? 🙂 By: Debbie


42:07- How did you pick your kids' names? They are absolutely adorable! By: Natalie
45:00 – How many kids do you want to have? By Kelsey


48:45– Are you completely out of debt? If so, how long did it take you? If not, how do you balance paying off debt with still enjoying life? By Kim and Others
51:46– What did you study in college? And what did you do before having kids? By: Emily
54:45– My husbands' checks are never the same and most months we make less than we owe. I feel like we're digging out of a hole. What's your advice on how I could tighten it up with our budget to make it work regardless? By: jausit
57:05 Do you ever buy clothing/furniture things second hand? By: Jennifer


The next Q&A will be on Oct 7, so be sure to mark it in your calendars! See you then!



  1. Danielle

    I’m trying to figure out how your teeth are so white?!? But I can’t get the video to play!?!


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