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It used to be that when you heard the word “frugal” you thought cheap. Miserly. Going without. Giving up everything that could ever be cool/fun/lovely for as long as you live. The good news? Frugal just got a facelift.
If you do frugal WELL, it allows you to live better than you ever thought possible! Today I’m going to show you how you can live a lifestyle of the rich and the famous…on the cheap.
Yes, it's possible!
Everyone has their guilty pleasure, and it’s no secret that for VIP’s it’s often times designer brands. The good news? You don’t have to give up designer brands if you’re on a budget! There are tools out there to help
My favorite? Hukkster.com

Here’s how it works:

  • Shop at your favorite store online. They partner with over 500 stores; everything from Saks 5th avenue and Burberry, to Target and Pottery Barn.
  • Find a product you love, and you click “hukk it” (after adding their shortcut button to your toolbar)
  • You tell Hukkster to email youwhen it either:
      • Goes on sale
      • Drops at least 25%
      • Drops at least 50%
  • You can then categorize your “hukks” in lists.

Tips for success:

  • Use this for holiday shopping! This is a perfect way to get that “something special” f/or that someONE special on your list this year. See how to budget for holidays HEREzlllllll.
  • Start now so you have several months to find your fancy gifts for much less.
  • If it doesn't fit within your budget, don't do it. Don't put yourself into the red just because something you want is cheaper than usual. See the easiest way to budget HERE.
Who doesn’t love driving nice cars? Realistically, we go straight for the used car lot expecting that’s the best we can afford. However, my husband and I discovered a gem that changed our car-buying lives and allowed us to get a MUCH nicer car! (as explained HERE)
Here’s how it works:

It’s sort of like match.com for people who want out of a car lease!


  • You browse leases that are “up for grabs”
  • Find the one you like (make sure to read ALL the fine print, details about that below)
  • Transfer the lease into your name, and take over the payments. That's right folks, you simply take over their lease where they left off. The best part? There is usually no money down.




Example:My husband and I needed a temporary car for about 1 year and couldn’t fathom buying and selling one that fast, and had no money to put down on a lease. We found an incredible brand new Toyota Rav4 in Arizona from a cute old man who couldn’t drive any more because of a medical condition.He offered $1200 cash incentive to take it off his hands, we put no money down (because he already did that when he bought the lease), we drove it for a little over one year and loved every second of it. When the lease length was up, we traded it in…and got $2200 because the value held so well!! (Yes, we basically got paid to drive the car.) We were able to put that money down on a long-term family car (aka the coolest van ever.)

Tips for success:

  • READ THE DETAILS. There are only a certain number of miles allowed per month with leases, so don't look at anything under 1,000miles per month unless you don't drive much. If you go over your miles you pay PER MILE and it's super expensive.
  • Look at lease length. I've seen some as short as 2 or 3 months, and some as long as 5 years. Make sure you're finding a car that fits your needs length-wise.
  • This concept is new in many states,Utah included, so you might not find many cars available from your state. It's very popular on the West and East coasts. We found our car in Arizona. So plan to either buy a 1-way ticket and road trip home, or you can ship the car for anywhere from $300-$600+. Still worth it if you find a killer deal.
  • Switching a lease over to your name could take some time. Toyota is one of the longest, it took us about 3 months. It was well worth the wait, though. Other brands operate much quicker, but just be aware.
  • While you don't put money down, there might be a fee to switch the lease to your name. Toyota charged us around $200 I believe? Not sure if other car brands have fees too or not, so just read all the details first. Also, there is a fee to be to use lease trader and swapalease, just FYI.
  • This works best with short-term needs. If you need something long-term, I always recommend buying a car rather than leasing.



If there’s anything that sets us apart from the VIP’s, it’s travel. While we can often find good last-minute deals on hotels, it’s the flights that typically prevent us from being able to afford jet-setting like VIP’s. A friend of mine introduced me to a site that might just change all that:

The coolest site ever…Airfarewatchdog.com

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up and you can choose any/all of these options:
    • City to city fare alerts (if you have a specific destination in mind)
    • “Anywhere that’s cheap” fare alerts (leaving from your specific city)
    • Gathering city fare alerts. (Reunion? Wedding? It notifies you of cheap fares from all over the country, landing in one place! Genius, right??)

Example: A friend of mine wanted to go to Europe. She got an email the other day…round-trip tickets to Paris from SLC for only $661! WHAAAT?!Last night I found RT tickets to Hawaii for under $500. That’s less than $250 each way! It's great because this website does all the work for you, putting your mind at ease that you're not missing out on any great deals.

Tips for success:

  • Don't limit yourself. We often think, “oh, I could never go to brazil” so we don't even look. Keep an open mind and you might be shocked at what travel you can afford!
  • Set aside money for travel now. Often times the best deals are last-minute (90 days or less). You don't want to find your dream fare, and not be able to afford anything once you get there!




We all love to be pampered…but it’s often a luxury that has to be cut from our budgets because of it’s high price-tag. The best way to enjoy pampering and justify the cost?

Might surprise you…Trade schools.

  • Massage therapy
  • Aesthetics
  • Hair and nails
  • even eyelash extensions.


You can get the royal treatment for much, much less!
Example: I recently went to a black tie event. A woman next to me had the most GORGEOUS up-do I've ever seen. She paid $12 to get it done at a beauty school, and it only took her 20 minutes! I lookd online and found schools near me that offer massages for $25 (and 50% off if you buy multiple massages in advance (Utah college of massage therapy), Brow wax and or deep conditioning scalp treatment – 5 for $5 (Marinello), Mani and pedi for $22 total (“top nails and hair” beauty school)…and more. I could go on and on but I'm hurrying so I can go get a massage. haha.
In college I only got my hair done at the beauty school nearby. To date, my hair has never had a better cut. I've never been able to duplicate it!

Tips for success:

  • It takes longer than a normal spa or salon, so plan ahead and be patient. Go on a day where you've got plenty of time to sit and relax, and not worry about getting in and out quickly.
  • They are students and are still learning, but are closely supervised so don't worry too much. Just ask for a senior student if that's an option, 
  • Speak up! Tell them EXACTLY what you want so you aren't disappointed – be specific! They are there to learn from you and don't have the experience of working with hundreds of clients yet, so don't be afraid to speak up.
  • If they run a special there might be a longer wait so call ahead.


So there you go! Now you see that you CAN enjoy the VIP lifestyle for less. Happy pampering!

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