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Happy Monday!
Today I'm going to do things a little different. I'm doing a Valentine's segment on Channel 2 tomorrow here in Utah and still have some work for that. Thus, I'm taking the easy route today.

I have a (private, sorry!) family blog. Recently my husband and I had a ton of fun doing a “what you may or may not know about us” post. I thought I'd share the random facts about myself so you can all get to know me a little better! After all, we do spend lots of time together, right? 😉

Yes, I am random.
What you may or may now know about Jordan (myself)


  • Grew up in a small town in Oregon (The Dalles) with less than 12K population.
  • Loves to eat A-1 sauce plain with either a fork or her finger.
  • Has an irrational fear of water sports.
  • Makes her bed before getting into it.
  • Was Homecoming princess Freshman year (Bubba was the prince at his school)
  • Is always trying random things.
  • Loves being on TV.
  • Was on a reality show in high school.
  • Went to Oprah twice and got seen on TV both times.
  • Was on The Price Is Right. Yes, got to meet Bob. Yes, kissed him on the cheek. Yes, spun the big wheel. Yes, got beat out. Walked away with a set of luggage, for those who are curious.
  • Made it to the final round of Deal or No Deal auditions (her & Bubba's families had to fly up for a mock taping and everything).
  • Was on Got Gephardt (a local show that exposes business scandals) to clear up a Sprint bill they accused she and Bubba of not paying.
  • Almost got followed by MTV when she went to India (decided not to go through with it), and almost got her family on the Dr. Phil show to do a “health makeover” but also decided not to go through with that too.
  • Told you she loves being on TV.
  • Is the world's biggest procrastinator. Thus…
  • …Is late to everything. always. without fail. Deep down she doesn't like being the first to show up to something, usually, so that's part of it. But mainly she's just a procrastinator!
  • Is not afraid of dying and would rather die than a number of things…
  • …However, her #1 fear is her husband or kids dying. It's borderline irrational. She often can be found “poking” the kids while they are sleeping to make sure they are still alive.
  • Use to compose music. A lot. She even wrote a choir arrangement that her high school choir sang at a concert.
  • Doesn't really like apples. Unless they are covered in caramel or dipped in peanut butter. But even then, not her fave.
  • Has the best family.
    • Has a true fear of blow driers and garbage disposals due to bad experiences with both.


  • Has never been to Lake Powell.
  • Is randomly really good at chopping wood.
  • Is a reality TV junkie. Though she rarely ever watches TV, when she does, reality TV is her fave. She secretly wants to be on all the shows. Reality TV shows of choice: The Bachelor, Cake Boss, 17 Kids and Counting, the Amazing Race, talk shows like Oprah and Ellen, The Apprentice, Shark Tank…you get the idea. She avoids the super trashy ones, though.
  • Has only been beaten my one person – EVER – at laser tag, and it was her own brother (so at least it runs in the family).
  • Secretly wants 12 kids like cheaper by the dozen.
  • Has a wild bucket list. On the list: having her name in the credits of a movie (preferably for acting, but anything will do), going to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and getting a word put in the dictionary.
  • Can't fall asleep if any part of any human is touching her. At all.
  • Hates cleaning (and is really bad at it), but loves having a clean house. One of her favorite things in the entire world is waking up to a clean house.
  • Loves slushy, frozen drinks and could buy one every day at the gas station if her husband would let her.
  • Would love to go sky diving someday…
  • …but has a fear of falling off tall things like buildings and cliffs.
  • Hates going to bed; no matter how tired she is.
  • Was one of the valedictorians of her senior class…but had never taken a final exam until college. That tells you a lot about the school system where I grew up…
  • Did the Miss Teen Oregon pageant 3 times, and sucked horribly all three times. She's really embarrassed to admit that she did pageants at all, let alone 3 times…
  • Got pulled over 7 times in high school (and only one of those was for speeding) but never got a ticket…
  • …but got a $250 ticket for parking in a handicap parking spot. In the summer. In the evening. At her high school. It was dumb.
  • Was recruited as a varsity cheerleader during the summer after 8th grade year, through all 4 years of high school. She was on the varsity team, competition team, and competition stunt team. Her teams won state ever year and took 3rd at nationals her Freshman year.
  • Wants to will write a book someday.
  • Spelled her middle name wrong until her teacher at school corrected her in Kindergarden. Still traumatized by that one…
  • Is still trying to get on Oprah's show.


  • Didn't have a cell phone 'til she was 16. Didn't start texting 'til half way through college.
  • Has never been stung by a bee.
  • Hates snakes and dreams about them hidden in her house all the time.
  • Ruptured a disk in her back when she was 16 and had to get emergency surgery to fuse her back so she wouldn't remain permanently paralized in her right leg.
  • Can't drive a stick.
  • Wants to know what it feels like to punch someone directly in the face someday. Bad guy or attacker preferred, but anyone will do.
  • Is a HORIBILE speler.
  • Got hit by a car on her scooter in college…surprisingly, the scooter won (I broke the guy's axel clean off his car).
  • Rocks at family feud but sucks at Jeopardy.
  • Once burned her eyeball with a curling iron. Her actual EYE. BALL. Yes, it hurt.
  • Literally doesn't have a laugh. It's nearly impossible for her to laugh out loud because of nodules on her vocal chords.
  • Her favorite colors are greens and blues.
  • Favorite decorating colors are grey, white, and browns. Vibrant, I know 😉
  • Hates having her picture taken and usually makes funny faces to ease the awkwardness.
  • Loves popping zits or watching them be popped. Gross, but true.
  • Doesn't like cake…
  • …but loves frosting and will buy an entire cake just to eat the frosting off of it. She also loves eating frosting straight from the jar. With a butter knife.
  • Has a scar down her right cheek from when she was a child and met a cardboard box in a bad mood.
  • Rarely eats pizza without ranch.
  • Has seen three of her own dogs and one of someone else's get hit by a car. Right in front of her. Hence, has anxiety about her dog getting hit by a car and refuses to take him off-leash. EVER.
  • Was born 1 month early via an emergency c-section because of heart problems. Turns out it was a false alarm.
  • Hates to bake. HATES. To. bake.
  • Her legs bruise crazy easy. Like CA-RAY-ZY easy.
  • Sleeps with her arms wrapped around her head. They often times fall asleep while she's sleeping. In college she'd be tired enough that she wouldn't move her arms all night. They would be so dead when she woke up that she couldn't turn off her alarm. (Hey, have you ever tried turning off a cellphone alarm without hands? Try it and tell me how it goes…)
  • Wears a size 11 shoe.
  • Is a Mormon.
  • Absolutely HATES missing out on things. She feels the worst feeling in the world is when she feels left out, and will remain hungry, tired, and exhausted just to stay up and be “part of the action” in any situation. It's impossible for her to sleep if people are awake, even if they aren't “doing” anything. Priya is the exact same way, loves social situations!
  • Loves to hike, hates to run.
  • Dislikes warm fruit. That goes for most pies, and fruit and meat combos.
  • Thrives off of, and is always looking for, social situations. LOVES to entertain. Loves loves loves loves loves loves to entertain!
  • Has “floaters” in both eyes from getting hit in the eye with a baseball then running into a chair that was randomly in a swimming pool a week later. Every time she moves her eyes the floaty things follow and literally float around her vision. Sometimes she mistakes them for bugs flying by.
  • Has never had a drink of alcohol in her life.
  • Has a ridiculous sweet tooth.
  • Had to graduate two times from BYU because of miscalculation of credits. And is still bitter about it.
  • Weighs less after having kids than she did in high school. Who knew having kids was such a good workout!?!?!?
  • Her biggest pet peeves are:
    • 1) People who make themselves or their lives look perfect on the outside to make them feel better about themselves, even though it completely alienates them from other people, and
    • 2) People who have something they hate/something negative in their lives but they choose to do nothing about it, often times blaming their problems on other people, and usually using the people around them as tools to complain to! (My husband sucks, I have no friends, I hate my job, I'm fat…) Yes, opposites, but equally annoying. It's impossible to relate to those people!
  • Loves saving money!
So there you go! It was really fun to do. I would post my husband's list, but he might be embarrassed 🙂 I, however, have no shame.
Happy monday!

(Oh, and just for the record, I did a list about each of my kids as well as my dog. It was such a fun memorabilia project, I recommend it for sure! It's hilarious what you come up with.)


  1. Fun! Holy reality TV star! Also, I am so scared of that falling feeling, that I don't even ride roller coasters, I sit and watch like a loser. But I sky-dived. Dove. It was awesome! Mostly because you don't feel like you are falling, I think cause you are so high from the ground you lose perspective of the distance. You have to do it, it's so amazing, and the freefall ended up being the best part!

  2. Adore this fact-ful post! Inspired me to do the same on my family blog… thanks for the idea! Ps. totally crossing my fingers for you re: Oprah! You'd be great !

  3. I found your blog on Pinterest and I love it! Thanks for all the great ideas and tips! I really enjoyed reading this fun fact list, and I couldn't help commenting because I also make my bed before getting into it!! My boyfriend thinks it so strange, so I made sure to tell him I'm not the only one!

    Thanks for the awesome blog!

  4. Haha let me tell you, everyone ELSE is crazy or not making their beds before getting into it 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  5. I have been following your blog the past year! I LOVE IT. Keep up the good work:) I’m also glad to know I am not the only one that likes popping zits!

  6. I had to giggle at these! You and I are a lot alike personality wise…I HATE warm fruit–I hate baking, but love bad reality TV like the Bachelor and Big Brother!

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