Lifestyle photography…a twist on the standard family photo!

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So, it's about time for my family to take some new photos. Why?
1) My kids are really young so their looks change A LOT. I feel like my good pics are outdated…even though we took pro pics at Thanksgiving… 
2) I'm wanting a photo wall on our new house and I'm just bored with the photos that I have.
I want something new.
…and I want a flattering picture. 
Is that too much to ask, people?

So it got me thinking. Remember THIS post I did about lifestyle photography? I suggested it to a FCF reader friend who was looking for a way to get a good family photo including her son who as Asperger's and is not cooperative with taking photos. It dawned on me…

Who says every family photo has to look like this?
And yes, in case you are wondering, that is “The Situation” in the above photo.
And though I really love this picture, no, you don't have to do this either:

Lifestyle photography is basically hiring someone to document REAL LIFE. You do day-to-day or favorite activities your family enjoys, and you get great – and real – photos out of it.

In the last photo shoot my family did we smiled and posed. A lot. However, of all the photos this one is my absolute favorite:

Because it was my family just being their goofy selves. That photo will go down in history as a Francis family favorite, that's for sure.
And in case you are wondering, yes, my brothers are single. Anyone looking?

Why do family portraits have to be so stiff and perfect?
And why do photo shoots only have to be about families, babies, and pregnancy?

Who says you can't have a girl's night out and get amazing candids from it? What a great gift for a bride-to-be to get a photo book of her besties…

Who says you can't capture moments of teaching your children new things? (Though, I can tell you, if I were to cook it wouldn't salad, that's for darn sure…)

Who says you can't simply play outside as a family and capture those pure moments of joy?

Who says you can't have an entire photo session showcasing a favorite hobby or beautiful skill? Your posterity would treasure those photos someday.
And who knows…maybe a random person will post them on their blog trying to sound like they know what they are talking about someday…

And who says a simple or seemingly boring favorite family game couldn't lead to the most beautiful memory-keeping photos? Though, it looks like this family has a hard time taking turns…
So I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this. I want an entire wall in my house of LIFESTYLE photos. No “say cheese!” photos. No posing. No matchy-matchy clothes. I'm goin' aaaaaaall real, baby.
For better or for worse.
Just be sure to shop around for the right photographer. 
I, personally, look for photographers who are reasonably priced, are experienced (anyone with nice equipment can call themselves photographers any more), and will give me a CD of pictures. I know the photographers tend to lose money on this, but I want to do with the photos what I want. Plus, you can print them for much cheaper than going the photographer.
Jeff Perri from Perri Photography did my wedding photos back in the stone age (aka 2007). I contacted him to see if he could do a lifestyle shoot for me and my family and he said he can! Woo hoo! I'm pumped. Check out some of these gems from my wedding:

I told him about my site and he said he'd love to offer you, my wonderful readers, 40% off your next photo shoot! YA HOO!
Check out his site HERE.
So I don't know about you, but I'm ditching the pose-y pose-y photos and am excited about my upcoming lifestyle photo shoot. Who needs big smiles and poses, anyway?
Well, unless you're into that sort of thing.
Happy photo-taking!
This post was sponsored by our friends over at perri photography

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