Let me pay for YOUR Christmas! (…yes, you read that right.)

Let me pay for YOUR Christmas!

I know not even Thanksgiving yet, but there's something I'm BUSTING to tell you about, and figure there's no time like the present (…no pun intended…). Ever since launching my Budget Boot Camp baby this year, my heart has grown 10x bigger. Not only from seeing the joy and progress that this crazy little passion project of mine has somehow brought to (myself and) others, but from getting the opportunity to hear more of your stories. The comments, emails, and in-person conversations that have allowed me to peer into tiny snippets of your life, have truly changed mine. The joys, the struggles, the pain, the challenges you (we) all face…

…there are no words.

I find myself avoiding my inbox at times, because my heart is continually heavy with the burden of wanting to help more, but not knowing how.

I recently got a kind email from a Freeb who thanked me for creating Budget Boot Camp, and then expressed that she couldn't wait for the day when she and her husband could afford it for themselves. It both crushed me and inspired me all at the same time. BBC has a price tag because without it, I would lose the ability to give away information for free on this blog. But her simple, humble email did two things…

It touched my heart, and got me thinking.

My team and I put our heads together, crunched some numbers, and came up with a way to do a little more this Christmas season…

…I want to pay for your Christmas, and help you with your finances at the same time!

(Yes, you read that right.)

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who applied! The responses were so overwhelming we had to close the form a few days early because of the sheer number of responses. We are humbled! So many of you reached out and asked how you can help, so we are currently taking donations throughout the month of December to help additional families! 100% of money donated will go straight to the family. Not a penny will go to me or my team. You can send the money through PayPal ([email protected]) or Venmo (JordanFPage). Thank you and your brunch for all of your support, we truly love you guys!❤️


I've decided to take income that ads bring to my site, and give it back to some special Freebs this Christmas (for putting up with those obnoxious little things)!

We will chose 3 families to gift $700 of my own money (not sponsored!) to help cover gifts ($500), and Christmas dinner/traditions ($200). In addition, I will gift my Budget Boot Camp program to help them long after Christmas is over!

It's not a new car (darn you, Oprah!) but it's a gift directly from me to you to not only say THANK YOU for the support you've given me these last 5 years, but also to help a family who could really use it.

Here's how to nominate yourself or others:

  • Nominate someone (yourself or another family) who might just need some help getting on their feet, getting ahead, or starting out this year. Basically, anyone who needs some serious sparkle and magic this Christmas! Naturally, who couldn't use an extra $700?? But let's try to focus on those who have more need than most.
  • Nominate someone by filling out THIS FORM.
  • Nominate as many people as you'd like, but submit one form per family; don't nominate more than one family on the same form!
  • You have until November 22 to submit nominations, chosen families will be notified around Dec 1.
  • If you haven't heard from us by Dec 1, I'm sorry to say that you or your nominee wasn't chosen (and I cried many tears about it, you can be sure!)
  • We may just have a few “consolation prizes”, if you will, for additional deserving families…because it's me…and I have the inability to keep things minimalistic…


Can we nominate people outside of Utah?

Um, HECK YES! You can nominate anyone from anywhere in the world. I'll figure out how to get the money to them, even if by way of Hogwarts owl.

Is $500 really enough for gifts, and $200 enough for food??

Holy jiblets YES! If you can't possibly fathom how, you might want to consider Budget Boot Camp and I'll share all my secrets. But $500 would provide a fabulous Christmas for even a family of 5, and $200 would give you more than enough for the Christmas dinner of your dreams! It's all about stretching those pennies, folks!

How will the family be notified? Will it be anonymous?

We haven't quite figured that out yet. We want the family to have it in early December to help them plan accordingly for the holidays, but we haven't figured out the “big reveal” yet. We will most likely work with the person who nominated them and will choose what's best, accordingly.

What happens if we (or the family we nominate) already have Budget Boot Camp?

No biggie, still eligible! You (or they) can then pay it forward and gift that to someone else, and still use the Christmas cash.

Let me pay for YOUR Christmas!

Again, nominate someone by filling out THIS FORM.

I know Christmas isn't all about money, presents, or budgeting programs. It's about Christ's birth and the spirit of the season. So while this may seem superficial or insignificant to some, I just hope you can feel that for me, anyway, this is my way to shed a little Christlike love on others this season, as a thank you for blessing my life in so many ways.

Thanks in advance for your submissions and support, you amaze me continually!




  1. This is so wonderful Jordan ! You are right it is about Christ, this is a true act of Christ for so many familiez. How awesome of you and your team♡

  2. Hi! I’m having trouble inserting any text to fill out the form. Is this a user error, or maybe the website is having troubles?

    Thank you!

    So excited to enter a friend for this possible opportunity! Thank you for selflessly providing it!

  3. This is fantastic! I want it, but I know we aren’t quite “in need “. I’m so happy for whoever wins. $500 for Christmas presents is a lot. We are a family of 5 and we will spend less than that on ALL of our presents.

    • I agree. Thanks so much Melissa, you are so generous to step aside and let other families take the stage on this. HUGS!!

    • Rachel you are the best, thanks for making my day. Wish I could do more but hopefully 3 is better than none 🙂

  4. I just submitted my request for my friend Aaron. I am in tears because of your generosity. Thank you so much for doing this to bless others. This is exactly what Christmas is about.
    Ps. I LOVE being a freeb.

  5. what a wonderful idea! I won’t be submitting anyone, but I still wanted to stop in and say that this so lovely, and acts of kindness like this make the holidays all the more special. thank you!

  6. Oh you are an amazing person! I love so much that you are doing this. I am a fairly new follower and feel like I just keep loving you more and more!! Thank you for being such bright light in this world.

  7. I am doing this for my daughter . Her husband had to have surgery on his knee, which consequently because of so much missed work lost his job. He started back to work and started having health issues again. He has been out of work again for the last three weeks with no pay.
    They could really use a helping hand. Thank you so much for the Christmas spirit you are portraying.

  8. This is so sweet and generous of you!! We of course at Deals to Meals would love to give these families a free membership as well to help them with their grocery budgets in the future 😉 Thanks for all you do!

  9. Hi Jorden, I just found your site and I am thoroughly enjoying going through all the different articles. I had to laugh when I caught myself saying WOW every minute or so because of another article that would be just perfect for me to read. I also give you a “atta Girl” for walking your talk with your faith. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Looking forward to learning more!

  10. A day late, and a dollar short. My luck. Such is life. This was a great idea. Such a blessing to whomever receives this!

  11. Hi Jordan,

    I’m so upset, I was trying to nominate our family and the original post said we had until the 28th, but it is saying the form is now closed. Help

    Thank you.

    • I’m so sorry Melissa! This was a huge mistake on my end. I never expected to have so many responses. We had over 1000 in the first few days! With it just being me and my team that all work part-time, it’s physically impossible for us to accept any more entries. I’m so sorry! I will anticipate this next year and will explain up front about the short window!

    • We will contact them privately and individually! So unfortunately if you don’t hear anything, your nomination wasn’t chosen.

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