Happy Friday! It's been a while since I've posted some Frugal Find Friday steals and deals, so here are a few goodies I've had my eye on. The frugal finds for today include a Lego Rental company, a gorgeously sparkly Mickey Mouse necklace (perfect gift for someone), getting paid to take surveys or use coupons, and an adorable monogrammed ring (another perfect gift for someone!). Lots of goodies for you today. Hope you enjoy, and hope you have an amazing weekend-o-looooove!

Lego Rentals 

As I mentioned in my last Live Q&A session my kids don't always like toys. They may play with them for a few days but quickly get bored and want something different. My son is starting to hit the Lego phase but HOLY SHMOLEY they are expensive! Plus, once he builds the little car or tractor or whatever (he's a total rule-follower and isn't free-building yet) he's done and bored with that particular set.

I heard about a Lego renting company, Pley. It sounds like a great way to still have all the fun, without the expense of buying each set. It's a monthly service, but your first month is free so you can try it out. Click HERE to join or to learn more!

Lego rental! All the fun without the expense. Such a cool idea!


Mickey Mouse Pendant Necklace only $9.99 (50% off)!

Mickey mouse necklace for only $9.99

Call me biased since I just got back from Disneyland (don't worry, Disneyland megapost coming soon!), but I saw these pendant Mickey Mouse pendant necklaces on Tanga.com and just about passed out. They are only $9.99 (regular $19.99), they are solid, sparkly, and NOT tacky! Whaaaa?

If I had seen these before our family trip to Disneyland last week, I would've bought one for all the ladies in my family for us to wear on our trip (how cute would it be to buy these for a family reunion at Disneyland??). I hope they aren't reading this post right now because I'm still going to send one to each of them as a thank you for helping with our kids, making the trip wonderful, etc. I also plan to buy one for Priya, Daivy, and myself as a momento for us to always remember our first trip to Disneyland together. Sentimental much?

However you plan to use it, it's adorable so get yours HERE.

Mickey Pendant


Get paid to take surveys or use coupons!

Frugal Find Friday from FunCheapOrFree.com

When Bubba and I were in the midst of our financial disaster, we did everything we could to bring in a little extra cash here and there. I would take surveys online occasionally. Though it was only a few dollars each time, it's the small dollars that make big differences, I've found! I found a website, InboxDollars, that is hugely popular (1.4 million Facebook followers, for example). They pay you for taking surveys (you get $5 just for signing up in the first place!).


They also have a “deals” section of their site that takes you to a coupon page. They have useful grocery coupons, and they will actually pay you $0.10 every time you redeem a coupon! I've never heard of anything like this. If you're going to buy the product anyway, might as well use the coupon to save money on the product, then get paid $0.10 on top of it for every coupon you redeem! Serious no-brainer. Sign up HERE and check out what they offer.


Monogram Rings- $7.98 & FREE SHIPPING!

Frugal Find Friday Steals and Deals from FunCheapOrFree.com

Today only, Cents of Style has these ADORABLE monogrammed rings for only $7.98 + free shipping!  I have been seeing rings like this all over the place, but none of them for such a great price. Click HERE to order yours and be sure to use the code MONOGRAM.

Happy Friday!