Can you feel it?? Taste it? Smell it??
Halloween is almost here!!
Now…Raise your hand if you're a procrastinator like me and haven't done anything for Halloween yet.
Gulp. Oops.
The good news? Here's a mother-load post of last-minute ideas for you!

It's one of my favorite holidays of the year. Every year we do a huge annual Halloween party (see 2011's and 2012's parties). Usually, I'm planning it a month or two in advance. This year? As I mentioned it's been crazy around here. So, let's just say I'm lucky I brushed my teeth today let alone planned a huge party more than a few days in advance.

Seeing as how it's coming up in 5 days (yikes!) and I haven't done a thing for it yet (double-yikes!) I'm sticking to quick, easy, cheap party ideas that are full of WOW-FACTOR.

Thanks to good ol' Pinterest, my party is going to be pretty dang spooktakular. Here's what's on the party board:

P.S…Those coming to my party…major SPOILER ALERT! Divert your eyes! Run for cover! Save this post and read it next week 😉 Everyone else, feast your eyes out:

We are turning our house into a mini haunted house! The party will be in the basement so people will have to walk through the haunted hallways to get to the basement door. Spooky, eh? So here's what we're doing outside to get people “in the mood” before they walk in:

Faux wood boards
We're making a mini graveyard in our front yard using dollar store headstones, and borrowing some headstones from neighbors.
I am borrowing a few fog machines from neighbors and friends to have one outside AND inside. We also plan to use simple lighting (glow sticks, lanterns, etc.).
So cool, right?!
see HERE
Silhouettes in the windows:
We are going to make an aged “condemned” notice to put on our front door, along with caution tape.
see HERE
Broomstick parking for my witches brooms that I got on clearance last year. Mine won't be as cutesy though 🙂
see HERE


We are going to have candles EVERYWHERE, especially on stair cases. I bought a bunch of battery operated ones from the dollar store, and we'll use real ones on tables, and maybe in cute jars so they don't burn down my house:
I'm thinking of decorating the bedroom and bathroom doors using streamers and construction paper like this:
I'm going to put an old dress and some fake limbs sticking (all of which I have on-hand or am borrowing) out of a trunk like this:
see HERE
A friend of mine has a life-sized cardboard cut out of one of the One Direction guys. We're going to throw creepy cloth over it, back-light it, put it at the top of my stairs, and voila – creepiness:
To quickly decorate my entire house for cheap/free, I'm going to throw painting drop-cloths and sheets (from a thrift store, my own closets, and borrowing from friends) over all my furniture to make it look haunted and condemned. I'm not so sure about the creepy kid though…(shudder)…:
see HERE
I'm going to switch out my regular bulbs for some colored ones, and put spider webs all over. Quick way to decorate all my hallways, like so:
see HERE
I'm going to print and frame creepy pics, especially haunted “family” pics:
Hang simple bats around the house:
see HERE
and lots of shredded cheese cloth!
see HERE
Make “bloody candles”:
see HERE, and like I did at our previous parties HERE


Cute little spider Oreos:
see HERE
Cookies with striped frosting and candy eyes:
see HERE
Cute food tags, free printables from all over Pinterest:
red rice crispy treats to look like meat (gross):
see HERE
We are going to do some fun games this year. Many of them will be Minute to Win It games like so:
see HERE
We will also do a photo booth like we did last year…only way better this year 🙂
see HERE
we will have Foosball and Rock Band set up for people to play throughout the party like last year:
And, of course, a costume contest!
see tons of costume ideas HERE
See all the rest of my hundreds of awesome Halloween finds on my Halloween Pinterest Board!

Honestly, everything posted above is pretty simple and cheap, but will make a huge impact. I have no doubt this will be an incredible party…even with only 5 days prep. So, if you don't excuse me, I've got some cheese cloth to shred.
Happy Halloween!