LVH Las Vegas Hotel $1 deal

Ok, who doesn't need a weekend getaway once in awhile? We found deals at our favorite Las Vegas hotel for just ONE BUCK!

I actually really like Las Vegas (remember our trips there in the past?). Sure, it can be pretty scandalous and a bit trashy if you aren't careful, but as long as you avoid the risqué stuff it is a warm, fun, weekend-getaway-type-place to take our family to swim, see shows, and eat good food. We were actually supposed to go to Las Vegas for the long Valentine's Day weekend but ended up canceling our trip at the last minute (long story). The hotel we stay at when we go is the LVH. We like it because when we stayed our room was huge and was really clean. It's more affordable than many other hotels because it's not technically on the Strip, but the beauty is that it's JUST BEHIND the strip so it's still walking distance and right in the thick of the action.

We are on their newsletter list and saw that they are offering rooms for JUST ONE DOLLAR!!!!  In reading the fine print it's actually $1 for the room, then $15 or $19 in hotel fees. But still, a Vegas hotel for $15 or $20? That's crazy-sauce. See HERE:

Las Vegas Hotel for just $1


So if you're looking for an affordable trip for your family, this just might be the ticket. See HERE for tons of other ways we've saved money while in Vegas.

Enjoy your stay in (hopefully no)sin city!