The 10 Best Kids Book Clubs for Young Readers

Mar 5, 2021 | Baby and Kids, Lifestyle

Love books? Want to help your kids learn to love reading? Kids book clubs are a fun way to do it. From the Literati book club to other subscription services, find out which ones give you the best bang for your buck!

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Reading with your kids is such a great bonding experience! And according to research, kids who read daily at home perform better in school. Want to get your kids in the practice of reaching for a book instead of a tablet?

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Kids book clubs are SO much fun! Who doesn't love getting mail, right?! We've rounded up ten of our favorite book subscription services, with options for all ages and budgets, so keep on reading.


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Probably one of the most-talked about children's book boxes around, Literati curates a collection of books for kids of all ages. Each box also comes with a poster and personalized nameplate stickers. Here's what you need to know:

  • Ages – 0-12, with age-level appropriate selections.
  • Cost – $9.95 per month to join, plus the cost of any books you decide to keep.
  • What We Love – You get a full week to read and use the books before you commit to keeping any. If you decide there are any you don't want to keep, you can ship them all back, free of charge. Have extra books at home that your kids aren't reading? Ship them back to Literati for free and they'll wrap them and deliver them to kids in need!

Check out the Literati website for all the deets! Also, fun fact. Literati offers book boxes for grownups, too.


This book box is so cute, and the perfect surprise for new readers! Older kids receive chapter books in each box, and the younger kiddos get two board books with pictures. Here are the other important details about Our Little Book Club:

  • Ages – 0-12, with selections based upon age group/reading level.
  • Cost – $14.99 per month, with an option to prepay for 3 months and save. Shipping is $2 per box.
  • What We Love – This subscription includes age-appropriate activity books, too. In addition to reading materials, younger kids receive a coloring book with each box, and older children get puzzle books. There's also very little wait time with this subscription! Your first box ships within 48 hours.

Subscribe to Our Little Book Club our head to their website to learn about their kid's book club!


We can't get over how adorable this box is! Choose between a Reader's Imagination Mini Box, A YA Fantasy box, or a full-sized Imagination Box. They all look fun to us! Here are a few more important details about Owl Post Books boxes:

  • Ages – Perfect for tweens, this book club has options for ages 0-13.
  • Cost – Subscriptions range from $14.99 per month to $32.99 per month, depending on the plan you choose.
  • What We Love – This company is teacher-owned and designed to inspire young imaginations! Each subscription includes craft projects in addition to books, which is so much fun for artistic, creative kiddos who love hands-on projects.

Be sure to check out the Owl Post Books website to sign up or learn more!


If you have five extra bucks to spare, we've got three more amazing kids' book clubs for you to consider!


Okay, next up is a club with a cause! OurShelves is all about promoting diversity through hand-picked books that feature main characters from underrepresented groups. Want to get behind that cause? Here's what you need to know about the OurShelves book club for kids:

  • Ages – Kids aged 0-8 are a perfect fit to join the Ourshelves book club.
  • Cost – A one-book box costs $19.99 each. They offer premium boxes, with three books, for around $45.
  • What We Love – Their boxes ship quarterly, making them a more affordable option if you don't want to commit to a monthly club!

If you decide to sign up, use code FUNCHEAP to save 10% off of your first subscription or single box order.


We can't get over how cute this one is! Each box has a theme, and your kids will love that Reading Bug boxes include gifts to go along with each book. Here are a few more important deets to know about this book club:

  • Ages – Young teens and tweens can join this club, too. Reading bug box offers books for ages 0-13.
  • Cost – Curated boxes cost $18 each. Customizable boxes are available, too, for $27.
  • What We Love – Well, first of all, we're obsessed with the name of this club! Also, their staff of experts curates custom boxes for your kids based on their interests, hobbies, and reading level. Pretty dang cool!

If they ever branch and start offering curated selections for adults, sign us up!


The name alone is adorable, right? Well, wait until you see the books. Here are the details you need to know about the bookaroo book club:

  • Ages – bookaroo offers options geared towards kids from 0-10.
  • Cost – A month-to-month subscription costs $19.95, plus $4.94 for shipping.
  • What We Love – The books included in a bookraoo box are high-quality and highly discounted. Most are 45% off retail prices. Plus, the boxes are just plain adorable.

If you have elementary-aged kids, the chapter books bookaroo offers look especially fun!



Is there anything you can't get from Amazon?! While their book boxes are a lesser-known perk, we think they're pretty awesome. Here are the details on the Amazon Book Box:

  • Ages – Ages 0-2 receive four board books, and ages 3-12 receive two books in each box.
  • Cost – $22.99 per box.
  • What We Love – As you might expect with Amazon, shipping on this book box is free! And while the monthly fee associated with the club is over $20, all the books are yours to keep for no additional cost. Best of all, you get a sneak peek of the books coming your way, with the option to customize the box and make swaps.

Here's a little tip for mom and dad: if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can choose a free book for your Kindle each month!


This box was created by parents, for parents! The team at Kids Reveal curates books based on your child's preferences, making the experience feel extra personal. Here's everything you need to know about the Kids Reveal Book Box:

  • Ages – This subscription caters to the younger crowd, with books geared towards ages 0-9
  • Cost – A box from Kids Reveal membership costs $19.95 each month, plus shipping ($4.95 per box).
  • What We Love – For every box delivered, Kids Reveal donates a book to a child in need. All. The. Feels!

Giving your kids new books to read + giving back to other kids in need is pretty special, huh? Sounds like a win-win to us.


Okay, last but not least, let's chat about Elephant Books. As you may have guessed by the name, they have the cutest logo ever. But they also serve up some pretty sweet books! Here's the 4-1-1 on Elephant Books:

  • Ages – Here's another club for younger kids only. Elephant Books offers options for kids aged 0-6.
  • Cost – Subscriptions start at $20.99 per month.
  • What We Love – The longer you subscribe the more you save! A lot of their books even beat Amazon's prices by 15%. Plus, this subscription includes nameplates and reading tips.

Now we're in the mood for some reading ourselves! Wouldn't you have loved receiving a box full of books when you were a kid?


Now you're up to speed on kids book clubs! Consider gifting your child a subscription for their next birthday or holiday. They'll get a kick out of that gift all year long!

What's your favorite bedtime book to read with your kids? We're always looking for new suggestions, so leave a comment below!

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Looking for more ideas to keep the kids busy?

Have fun with your little bookworms!


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