Make the most of your summer with our fun positivity challenge! It's time to look for the light and BE the light. Make it a habit to look on the bright side of life!

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Happy summer, Freebs! How is your Focused in 2022 challenge going so far? Now that we've simplified our lives in May, it's time to focus on all things positivity. Once we can get into the habit of being positive, we can then put that focus on others!

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The world can be a dark place, so be the change you want to see! That's why this positivity challenge is so beneficial — it doesn't take a lot of work, but you'll see some major improvements in yourself (and your family) by the end of this month. Plus, you'll spend some intentional time together with your family this summer with some fun challenges and ideas! Ready to get started?!


Step 1. Print the Focus on Positivity Challenge calendar. If you're not already on the mailing list, SIGN UP for our newsletters to get the June positivity challenge calendar emailed to you. Then follow along on our site, YouTube, InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest to keep up with all the fun challenges, tips, and tricks we're sharing!

Step 2. Follow along! Each week, there is one main positivity challenge for you to focus on all week. There is also a mini-challenge, tip, or helpful habit to keep you focused half-way through the week. Then, of course, wrap up the week with a simple date or family night to help keep you focused on the people that matter most.

Step 3. As always, you can adapt the calendar to work for your needs and help you get the most out of the monthly challenge. Do you, boo!


Light up the world! For this month's positivity challenge, we're making positivity our new habit. Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the little things in life, and put positive vibes out into the world! Find a way to share your message with love, and you WILL see a difference, both in your family and in others you meet!


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For this challenge, set yourself up for success and practice a little self-appreciation. Grab your favorite notebook and pen and write down five things that you love about yourself. Really dig deep and be meaningful! And be specific. Don't just write, “I'm helpful”. Write about why you're helpful. What's something specific you do to help others?

If you want to take it a step further, find a few daily affirmations to focus on. Say them every morning when you wake up and are getting ready for the day. They're a fantastic way to start the day in a positive way!


We love starting the summer with a big, exciting celebration! Plan a fun family night to set the tone for the rest of your summer… and don't forget to plan more fun family nights to come! We recommend having at least one family night a week and one summer date night a week to help you connect with the people that matter most.


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We all want to have a fun summer while keeping it positive. Take some of the pressure off by sitting down with your family and asking them what they want to do! Check out our summer bucket list or make your own by adding everyone's top 3-5 activities to the bucket list. Then, grab our Focused In calendar or your free calendar printable and start penciling these activities in so you don't get to the end of the summer without successfully completing a few of these fun bucket list items.

Don't know where to start? Use our summer activities list full of fun things to do WITH your family during this summer positivity challenge. Sit down as a family, pick out your favorites, and plan the BEST SUMMER EVER! Write ideas on a big poster board, make punch cards, or write them on 3×5 cards and clip them to a string… However you do it, make it visual, and make it fun!


Summer is also the perfect time for kids to explore, learn, and discover on their own. Our summer list is filled with ideas for kids of all ages to take ownership of. You can have the kids make their own bucket list of things they want to do themselves. That way when the complaints of boredom start to fly, you have a list that you can refer the kids to full of activities that they want to do!

The kids might just have so much fun that you'll want to join in with them! Regardless, to make the most of the summer and to stay positive:

  1. Make an effort to be spontaneous and enjoy the chaotic moments with your kids this summer.
  2. Plan ahead and create some memories with your family that you'll cherish for years to come.

That's all there is to it! The trick to enjoying summer is 95% attitude — when all else fails, take a vacation you've been saving up for or enjoy a staycation at home! 😉


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There's nothing better to help lift the spirits during a positivity challenge than an uplifting playlist to get you in the right mindset! Create one just for you to listen to on your own. Then create one together as a family. Bonus points if you get out the disco ball and have a super fun family dance party together!


Plan a surprise date night for your sweetie with all their favorite things, including their favorite foods and activities. It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, either! Search Pinterest and make their favorite meal at home (Cafe Rio sweet pork, anyone?). Go all out and plan a full-on game night. Whatever gets everyone feeling happy and positive is worth doing!


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This week, we're going to focus on spreading positivity around the world and show others our gratitude! Write and send thank you notes to those around you — your family, friends, and community workers. A quick text or a phone call will work, too! Anything that shares the love with those around you puts a positive light in their life.


Keep your spirits up by listening to a positive Ted Talk or podcast. Whether it's a story that will help brighten your day, or a self-help topic to help you learn something new, you can never go wrong with a good podcast!


It's time to celebrate and do something you love this week! There's nothing better to keep you positive than when you're doing something you love. Go for a run, practice self-care, get together with friends, take up an old hobby, go camping with your family, whatever you love the most!


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List your five best accomplishments. Take it a step further and break it down by category if you have a hard time coming up with those five. Completing a spending freeze could be one of your best budgeting accomplishments. Organizing your pantry could be one of your best productivity accomplishments. Maybe you won a game of chess for the first time ever. Nothing is too small for this list!


Pay it forward and help others to see the brighter side of life! Whether you're at the grocery store, out walking your dog, or you're at home, make it a point to compliment the people around you. Do you like someone's fingernails? Their dog? Did they make you smile? Big or small, a compliment can really brighten anyone's day!


Find an opportunity to serve others this week. Whether it's someone in your home, your next-door neighbor, or a community service project, get out there and do it! We've compiled a fantastic list of service project ideas to do as a family you definitely won't want to miss out on!


Success is always more fun with friends! Let us know how your challenge is going and share your ideas, challenges, and wins with us! Use the hashtags #FocusonPositivityMonth and #Focusedin2021 on Instagram and/or Facebook and follow along!

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Shine bright like a diamond, Freebs!

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