Live Q&A tonight

Thanks to everyone who joined me for the live Q&A last night! It was a ton of fun! We covered frugal car shopping, perfect eyebrows, preparing to live on 1 income, how old I am, and more. If you missed it, have no fear – the video is now up on YouTube and you can watch it at your own convenience. To make life easier, here's a recap of all the questions I covered so you can skip around if you'd like. I have also included links to posts I referred to in the answer, or that might help clarify more:

First of all, click HERE to watch the video online, or click and watch below:

How here's a recap of all the questions:

2:20 Carlie:How old are you? Where and when did you and Bubba meet? Are you two the same age? What's your nickname?”

5:01 : Carolyn: “I'd love to hear from you how to prepare to live on one income. I currently am a home daycare provider, but hoping that I can quit after we've paid off our debts (credit card and car loan -that'll take about 2 years), and prepare our best for life on one income, without floundering! Help, pretty pretty please!!!!! I really appreciate your advice.”

9:43 Porsche “I'm wondering about the most frugal way to car shop.  Thanks!”

14:00 Emily  “How did you develop your 7 bank accounts method?”

18:15 Cynthia  “How're you doin' without the hubby?? Staying sane?”

19:54 Elizma: “We have started to budget now. We are a family of 6 with three still in diapers! So our budget is very tight with not a lot of leeway. How do you deal with one-off expenses for example our son's football (once a year and not part of the normal budget) – do we just stop him going? We don't have a lot of debt apart from mortgage so it's not something we can cut just for a year as our income will stay the same for the foreseeable future. Or will he never be able to play football again? Just an example of course! Or appliance breakdowns etc. How do you make sure one-offs don't run away with you? Long one – sorry”

23:54 Danielle “What checking account do you use for gas? Would it come out of your personal, or family?”

25:56 Lauren  “I don't know if you can share this but any front-runners for names for your baby girl?

27:47 Mary  “I read your blog on Costco and you mentioned having your price notebook with you. I was wondering how you broke things down in the notebook, by store or by item. Thank you. Love your blog. Has been very helpful. ;-)”

31:34 Erin  “Your eyebrows are perfect! Do you wax them or pluck and do them yourself?

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