Uplift families dinner - $5 off with code FUN2015

Freebs! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday! I broke my “post every Tuesday and Thursday” rule. But I have an exciting project that I've been working my buns off for and it took longer than expected, hence the radio static. Be excited for it to be available next week I'm thinking.

In the meantime for Frugal Find Friday I wanted to pass along a $5 coupon and invite you to join me at a really neat Utah event coming up next weekend! If you remember THIS Instagram picture, I got to eat lunch with the First Lady of Utah and hear all about the Uplift Families campaign she is heading up.

They are having an Uplift Families mini conference and dinner where you can hear from incredible speakers, learn how to uplift your own family, and eat delicious food…which makes for the PERFECT date night if you ask me.

Use the code FUN2015 to get $5 off and come join me and Bubba!

Head HERE to register, or go to UpliftFamilies.org to learn more.

Hope to see you there!