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Happy MONDAY! I got a great question from a reader recently that I was excited to answer for Q&A Monday (got a question for me? Drop it in the Q&A box). Are those 10 for $10 deals that you see at the grocery store really a better deal? Here's what I have to say about it:

Q&A“My question concerns the popular sale 10 for $10. I often see it when i do my grocery shopping at Smiths. Do you have to pick up 10 items to get that deal? I feel like I've seen and heard that its a trick to get you to buy more but its all left me confused! Thanks for you help!” -Lauren

Q&AGreat question, Lauren! Let me answer it in two parts:


Do you have to buy 10 of them to get the deal?

Sometimes, but not always. Just read the fine print! Often times it's used as a ploy to get you to buy lots of items, sometimes unnecessarily. Sometimes you must buy 10, sometimes you get the deal for up to 10 items, and sometimes it doesn't matter how many you buy!  But if you must buy 10 items, lots of times they are mix and match deals so you don't necessarily have to buy 10 of the exact same product.



10-for-10-couponphoto source

Again, just read the fine print at the bottom (or on the back) and it will tell you what you need to know!

Are they a better deal? 

That's the trickier part. Yes, they can be…but you have to know your prices (I suggest starting a price notebook to help). As a rule, be sure to assess whether you really need/could use the product, or whether you are getting sucked in to buying because it has a bright, shiny “Special!” sticker on it.

For example…let's say there is a can of fruit on sale for 10 for $10. That makes them $1 each if you buy 10. But if you look at the regular price tag and they retail for $1.10 full-price, then you're only saving $0.10 and are being forced to buy 10 of something that you might not have purchased in the first place. So in that case, I would rather pay $0.10 extra and wait until you really need the product to buy it.

Are 10 for $10 specials really a good deal?

What do I personally do?

I actually price-match those deals at Walmart! (see all the details on how I price-match.) The Walmart near me will actually price-match the 10 or $10 deal without my having to buy 10 of the items. But don't take my word for it because every Walmart operates a little differently. Just be sure to read their ad-match policy before you go to prepare for the worst…but I was told by our store manager that each Walmart manager has the power to adapt the policy slightly their own way, and every store is a little different.

When it comes to the 10 for $10 deals I usually avoid them unless they save me at least 33% or more (but I aim for 50%), and it's something that I use and buy pretty regularly.


Hope that helps! Thanks for the question Lauren!

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