Invisalign for the price of braces!

UTAH! Listen up! I know it's not Frugal Find Friday yet, but this deal is so crazy, I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

I had an Invisalign appointment with my Orthodontist yesterday (see why I got Invisalign as an adult) and he casually mentioned that they are running a special until Dec 31 that gets you Invisalign (and more!) for the price of BRACES! I almost passed out and had to run to tell you about it.

If any of you have ever considered Invisalign, NOW IS THE TIME! This deal saves you over $1,900! And if you remember by my How Much do Braces Cost post, you know every dime counts. (And check out my “Braces or Invisalign?” post to see which is right for you.)

The best part about this deal is you get Invisalign, the final retainers (which cost over $700!), and a $100 bleaching kit for the price of braces.

Invisalign sale at Parker Orthodontics in Utah

To learn more call Parker Orthodontics (801-262-1500) which is located in Murray, UT and tell them you heard about the sale on this blog. They will take care of you.