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Freebs! WOW. I had no idea my “The Truth About How Much Money We Spend” post would draw so much attention. Holy cow, can I just say I am so amazed at how passionate you all are! I have read and value EVERY comment that came in. Unfortunately I can't physically comment on all 120+ of them, even though I'd love to.

SO…I sat down and filmed a quick response to some of your comments, questions, and concerns…and have some ideas on how to change up the blog that I want your opinion on!!

Not that I want to drag out this process, I'm sure we're all ready to move past that post. haha! But just so you know that I hear you, appreciate you, and am going to be making some changes on my blog!

Be sure to watch to the end (or at least skip forward to around the 8:00-ish mark), I have some blog ideas that I want YOUR OPINION ON!! This is so important, I don't want to do anything without YOUR take on it! So let me know what you think in the comments below, or comments on the YouTube video.

Watch theΒ videoΒ online or click and watch below:

Thanks again for everything!

Also, don't forget about the LIVE Q&A tonight at 7:30pm PST. Be there, or be square!!! (Can't make the live Q&A? Drop your question in this box and I'll get to them if I have time, or will answer them in future posts!)