I’m baaaaaaaack!

I'm baaaaaack!
I thouroughly enjoyed the Western Caribbean cruise my family and I just got back from. I came home to Utah snow, so I am extra grateful for the tan (and sunburn!!!) I came home with! 
And while I will certainly miss this:
(The view from our room balcony! Amazing!)
And this:
(Crystal-clear water, beaches, sun…the whole package)
And amazing sites like this:
(Mayan ruins in Belize)
And this:
(Having our rooms cleaned TWICE a day, plus the fun towel animals that never ceased to amaze us…)

And perks like this:
 (Plus all the food we could eat…any time we want to eat it…soooo good…)
(Oh and yes, those wine bottles and the sign are made completely of chocolate. Heaven? um, yeah.)
And spending 24/7 with my favorite people:

…It's good GREAT to be home. I missed my adult-sized shower, my comfy king-sized bed, and I've missed you all for the last 10 days!
Now on to the laundry. 
Oh, the laundry. 
Talk to you soon!


  1. AvatarJordan Page says

    Thanks Alicia! Yeah, it was a ton of fun. Back to reality now though 🙂 I highly recommend cruising; it’s a cheap and fun way to vacation as a family! Thanks again 🙂

  2. AvatarTania says

    Cruises are the best! Hubby and I go every year and this year we just got back last week from an 8 day cruise to Dominican Republic, Aruba, La Romana, , Curacao…… Although our dining experience wasn’t great we still had a great time.
    We’ve done the Mayan ruins and cave tubing and other great excursions. Hope you keep going, they are great experiences for the children 🙂
    Love the ice pack idea, thanks for sharing.

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