FunCheapOrFree is ready for a facelift - and I need your help!

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you might've caught wind that some big changes are coming to FCF! (Ps if you don't subscribe, you should! See the box in the upper right corner of this site to join the party.) After years of doing the same thing day in and day out…it's time to give a facelift! That's right, folks, times have changed and it's high time we update ourselves. Technology, the “blog world”, social media, even my personal style/life/family has changed a lot over the past few years. As a team we have been feeling the need for an update for quite some time…and now we are ready to rock and roll! But first, we need YOUR input before we change a single detail, of course.

That's right, FunCheapOrFree is getting a SERIOUS redesign/overhaul, and I need YOUR HELP in making it happen!

I need you to PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH A HUGE CHERRY AND WHIPPED CREAM ON TOP take 2 minutes to fill out the survey below (or click HERE to take it online) to help us know what direction to take with this overhaul. Be nice (wink wink) but be honest. This is your chance to give your input on exactly what YOU want from me, and FCF in general. My team and I will read every single word of every single comment. Knowing me, I'll probably read them 3-5x at least. This overhaul will not only be costly, but it'll be a huge undertaking and I can't move an inch until I know exactly what YOU want out of it!

Thank you, truly and deeply from the bottom of my sleep-deprived little heart, for your help!

Now, if you're curious as to why we are making these changes, here's the back-story…

For years I've been attending blog conferences, reading articles, and picking the brains of other bloggers. I've done everything in my power to learn the “tricks of the trade”, the how-to's, the “what you shoulds and shouldnt's” and even the “mastermind secrets” behind building a successful blog.

…and then over the years I realized I couldn't care less about the rules, because they are just bunk, and I can do whatever the heck I want.


The beauty with getting old (wink) is you start DOING YOU and don't care about the status quo any more. Some of you may or may not know that I don't take a paycheck from this blog. Never have. Sure, I get sweet swag and free stuff from time to time, and yes this blog brings in a fair amount of money each month. But it goes right back into building things like Budget Boot Camp (and hopefully an app someday!), my conferences and classes, covers business expenses, and paying an incredible team of ladies that help keep this blog pumping every day. Unfortunately, blogs (or at least my blog) is pretty expensive to run. My overhead is upwards of $4K – $6K per month on average, and is going up every day.

Bonkers, right?!

So while I must have money coming in each month order to continue providing you with FREE content and awesomeness, I don't want to lose what is ultimately the most important thing…

…my connection and personal relationship with my Freebs. Which is exactly why I need your help!

Please take a minute to answer the following survey truthfully. Our ultimate goal with this redesign is to keep the integrity of FCF. Our mission is for to be a source of energetic hope and excitement for those looking for ideas on how to live frugally, improve their financial situation, and live an overall healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. Please let us know what kind of website we could design for YOU, to give YOU the experience you've always wanted! And again, just know in advance that I personally read every comment that comes in, and you are heard and appreciated.

We love you all and thank you so much for your input and time! We are excited to see what we come up with…together!


TAKE THE SURVEY ONLINE HERE or take it directly below (BE SURE TO HIT SUBMIT AT THE END!!). Thanks again for your help! XO