30% off PMD discount!!!! AHH! RUN for this deal!!

Ok, brace yourself. I have a major PMD discount that is about to knock your socks off! The PMD (Personal Microderm tool) allows you to give yourself microdermabrasion…at home…for a fraction of the cost…which completely transforms your complexion. This is a FABULOUS Christmas gift idea if you're still looking for one for a mom, sister, friend, or heck, for yourself! It will get to you by Christmas if you order TODAY. (Info and PMD discount code below.)

As many of you know, I'm pregnant. I'm 19 weeks (almost 1/2 way! woo hoo!) and one of my major pregnancy symptoms is bad skin!! It breaks out, and blemishes last FOREVER. As if growing a person isn't enough…

At first I was intimidated by the PMD when I was given one a few months back, but I have to tell you, it's seriously a wonder tool! Here's why you need one:


Often times I'm hesitant to use spa treatments or products because they just take too darn long! The beauty with PMD is that all you need is 3-5 minutes to do your full face! In fact, the point of the PMD is to go quickly. You don't want to “hover” in one place too long or go over an area more than once, or it could damage your skin. So if you're someone like me that is impatient and hates when things take too long, this product is a goodie 🙂

This graphic on their “How To Use” page was super helpful for me:

30% off PMD discount!!!! AHH! RUN for this deal!!



I kept seeing people talk about PMD on Instagram but hesitated because I just didn't get it! It seemed intense or complicated to me for some reason. I educated myself and can say that it's actually super easy. All you have to do is pull your skin tight with one hand, and glide the PMD over your skin with the other. Super simple!

30% off PMD discount!!!! AHH! RUN for this deal!!


It's science. The discs slough off your microscopic outer layer of skin, which signals your body that it needs to regenerate new skin to take it's place. I know for me, other than the PMD the only thing that ever touches my face are my hands! I don't even use a wash cloth when I wash my face most of the time. It's important to get the old skin out of the way so new, healthy cells can take it's place.

My favorite part is that it allows your serums and products to absorb better, making them up to 20% more effective. I actually have noticed that! I started using a new night cream and notice that it seems to work better after using the PMD. Go figure!

30% off PMD discount!!!! AHH! RUN for this deal!!

Ignore the staged picture and the fact that I'm doing it wrong! Bubba wasn't home to take a picture of me using it, and my tripod wasn't working so I had to do my best one-handed. #PhotoFail. But at least you get the idea of it's size and shape, which was the ultimate point!

Again, whether for yourself or for someone you know would LOVE this, it would make an amazing Christmas gift. It's an investment you make one time, and then can reap the benefits over and over and over. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for…the PMD discount!

EXCLUSIVE 30% discount + ships by Christmas if you buy today, December 16! Use the code MERRY30 at checkout.

30% off PMD discount!!!! AHH! RUN for this deal!!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!








This post was generously brought to you by PMD, but I wouldn't post about it if I didn't believe in it! duh. 🙂