An exclusive closet tour! How I dress for less…

An exclusive closet tour! How I dress for less…
Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about my clothes…
Where do you get all your cute clothes? 
How are you able to have so many clothes and not spend a lot? 
How much do you spend on clothes?
Help! I need a new wardrobe but don't have the budget!
…so I thought it was time to unveil the closet!
Duhn duhn duuuuuuuuuhn
I put together a (lengthy…sorry!) video that gives you an extensive and exclusive tour of my closet to hopefully answer all your questions.
Click HERE to watch the video online, or click below to watch it right here:

P.S…Check out lots of my outfits by reading my What to Wear Wednesday fashion posts!

A recent question about my clothes originally came after appearing on Studio 5 wearing this outfit, so I will dissect it for you!
Plain black shirt I've had forever, bought from Gadzooks in the mall for $3. Unfortunately there is no website for Gadzooks. It's a store that was bought by Forever 21 so they are considered the same brand now, though Gadzooks labels tend to carry a slightly different name. I don't see them many places but you can find good deals there!
Coral sweater: 
Actually shown in the video, got from TJ Max for around $6.99 recently.
Crazy leopard-print pants: 
Target clearance, $10. Remember me mentioning them HERE? They were looked IDENTICAL to the $200+ pairs I saw all over an upscale resort town.

(P.S…these blues shoes are the $4.99 shoes I mentioned in the video, and mentioned HERE)


Gift for Christmas years ago, but from Charlotte Russe (so probably between $6-$12). They are actually having a 2 for $10 sale on their jewelry right now, check it out HERE. I also REALLY love getting jewelry from Forever 21 because it's so cheap, and pretty sturdy! Just be aware that Forever 21 doesn't allow returns on any of their items, so buy carefully.
Got these from Plato's Closet for $8. You can't see them very well in the picture, but they are a tan color with lacing up the front. They aren't the most comfortable shoes ever, but they are adorable for short-term wear!
So there you go! If you add up my outfit:
$3 (black shirt)
$7     (sweater)
$10       (pants)
$8        (shoes)
$0   (necklace)
$28 head to toe! Not bad.
And all of those pieces can be mixed and matched to make a ton of different outfits, so that $28 will stretch FAR.
I pay less than…
As a general rule, here's how much I usually pay for my clothes:
Shirts: $10 or less
Skirts: $10 or less
Colored skinny jeans: $20 or less
Jeans: Less than $100, but I believe in quality jeans. I buy from Buckle and usually pay between $50 and $75, but they last me forever.
Dresses: $15 or less (yes, even for fancy ones!)
Sweaters: $10 or less
Coats: Nice coats, $40 or less
Shoes: $15 or less
Children's clothes: $6 per piece or less
Belts, hats, jewelry, and accessories: $10 or less, but jewelry is usually $5 or less
Some of my favorite places to shop for clothes:
Macy's (their clearance racks)
Outlet stores (Old navy, Gap, Banana & J-Crew [once in a while], Columbia Sportswear)
Victoria's Secret (for bras only, though!)
Buckle (only for jeans)
Otherwise I'll buy clothes from anywhere! My closet is a huge smorgasbord of brands; I couldn't care less about labels or brands. I just always start at the back of the store. If it's not on sale, I don't even THINK about buying it.
Additional clothing/shopping tips:
See HERE for my scoop on shopping for good deals.
See HERE for a dissecting of a different outfit of mine, includes the Ivanka Trump shoes I mentioned in the video.
See HERE for my list of the top 7 store sales that you should never miss.
See HERE for how I work clothing shopping into my tight monthly budget.
See HERE for how I shop yard sales, and HERE for thrift store shopping tips.
Click HERE for how I do my laundry to keep my clothes – even the super cheap ones – lasting for years.
Tip: Other than maternity pants, I don't believe in maternity clothes! Flowy shirts, maxi dresses, skirts and pants with roll-down waists all work great for maternity. Maternity clothes are expensive and, for me anyway, the regular clothes work just fine.
Tip: For children's clothes I like The Children's Place, Carters, H&M sometimes, and anywhere else that has good sales.

So there you go! Hope that helps…
Happy shopping 🙂


  1. Hi Jordan! I’m looking to purchase a shoe rack like the one you have, did you just find it at Amazon? I feel like you mentioned it somewhere but can’t find it 🙂 thanks!

    • Yes! My husband found it on Amazon, actually. Then, funny enough, we found an identical one at a yard sale for $4 and have that one in our garage. So look on the classifieds before buying new!

  2. About changing the direction of the hangers in your closet: we had a house fire once and the fireman told us that they were able to save the clothes in the closet because I had all the hangers facing one direction. This enabled them to just put their arms around the clothes and pull them all out at one time. You might want to rethink turning those hangers in different directions.

  3. I was wondering about your camisoles that you wear under shirts every day. Is there a specific brand you buy? I love the maternity ones (because they’re plenty long) at Ross for $6, but the white ones in particular never last before they start pilling horribly. Any recommendations for that great everyday undershirt? Thanks!

  4. I love your site!

    I’ve taught myself to make jewelry and can make things that sell for $60 or more on etsy for just a couple of dollars. It’s easier than people think and very relaxing. I have a nickel allergy, so making my own stuff works with that too (kind of like cooking your own food…you know what’s in it!).

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