An app that helps you do favors (and accept favors) from your friends and neighbors to help you save money!! Genius!!

You know those days when you're busy, there are a million things going on, your schedule is tight, or the baby is asleep, or you have company coming for dinner, or your car is in the shop, or you're exhausted, or you just got home from running a million errands…and all you need is one or two tiny things from the store? And those one or two tiny things would make all the difference in the world, and you are seriously suffering without them…but the last thing you want to do (or can do!) is load the kids in the car and run all the way to the store for those one or two tiny things??

Ugh. I hate that. Like, a lot.

I recently learned about a new app that not only gives you the chance to avoid this problem for yourself, but for others too! It's called FavorCart, and it allows you to ask friends (or offer friends!) to grab one or two tiny things from the store for you, if they (or you!) are headed there anyway.

I made a video to show you a few reasons why an app like this is a good idea (and will actually help SAVE you money!).

Oh, I guess I should first tell you how the app works. Duh. Here's a quick video that does a great job of explaining:

Ok now you see how it works! Now…

…a personal story from the hardest time in my life:

How to survive as a single parent (whether for a day or for real). From

“letting it go” after a long, exhausting day (read about it HERE)

If any of you have been following me for a little less than 2 years then you may remember that time when Bubba had to move to Colorado for work for almost 4 months…leaving me as a “single mom” of 3 kids 4 and under…almost 8 months pregnant with baby #4.

Yeah. That stunk. 

We survived. It wasn't easy (I don't know how you single parents do it! I have such admiration!) but as I explain in detail in this post, we found ways to survive and even thrive at times in the process.

Two of the greatest lessons I learned were

  1. To ask for help, and
  2. To offer help to others whenever possible.

They both played equal roles in making my experience as a busy woman and mother much, much better. And easier. And more fulfilling. And more efficient. And, and, and…the list goes on.

In my old neighborhood I started a big group text for all the neighbor ladies. When Bubba was gone (and heck, even still!) there were/are days when I was exhausted, spent, overwhelmed, or simply short of hands…but really really needed something from the store. I vividly remember during my “single mom” days, contemplating texting some friends to ask if they were headed to the store but felt awkward; I'm not good at asking for help anyway, and didn't want to inconvenience anyone or sound incapable.

One day I finally got the courage to put out on the group text, “Is anyone going to the store today? I'm in serious need of one gallon of milk…I would be forever grateful and will even pay double if someone could grab me one if they happen to be going!”. I felt so awkward for some reason! Dumb, I know. But I did. Luckily a neighbor was going and brought me the milk, and I paid her 2x what it cost just because I was so grateful. I can't express to you what a simple favor like that did for me that day. I honestly remember it poignantly and taught me that, you just never know how a simple act of service can really affect someone's day.

Throughout the next few months I didn't ever ask for help at the store again, even on days when I was borderline desperate. I didn't feel like I could make a habit out of it, I didn't want my neighbors and friends to think I was needy, lazy, or incapable. All silly things that I really shouldn't care about, I know, especially during such a time of need and “survival mode” in my life, but still…that's how I felt.

So now that you know my personal back-end sob story, you can see why I was interested in blogging about FavorCart when they approached me about it. I think there are so many good uses!

Watch the video ONLINE or click and watch below:

Pretty awesome, right?? To further expand on why this app is awesome…

…Here are several reasons why this app is a good idea (and will save you money!):

So now you have the idea, here are the reasons you should consider it:

FavorCart is the app that allows you to request and fulfill favors at the grocery store! No more running out for sugar -- see if a friend is headed there anyway, and request! You can even pay in the app!

1 – It saves you time

This is obvious. Even if a store is only 5 minutes away and you only need 1 or 2 tiny things, it can be a 30+ minute hassle, especially with kids involved. Every minute counts and I'm somewhat known as being a bit of the efficiency police chief. If you only need 1 or 2 things and someone else is going to the store anyway, there really is no need for you to go too! Think of how much more efficient we would all be if we “carpooled” grabbing a few groceries for each other here and there?

2 – It saves you money

I've always been really vocal about my principle of…

…only go to the grocery store 1x per week…no matter what!

Why? Because that 1 gallon of milk will end up costing you at least $50, as you pick up an entire cart-full of groceries that you suddenly “need to have”, or “might as well pick up since you're here anyway”. (Sounds familiar, right??) If you just need one gallon of milk, or one item for your recipe, use a friend to buy that one item and save yourself potentially hundreds of dollars each month!

3 – It takes the uncomfortable out of asking for help.

As mentioned in my sob story, I have something in my personality that feels uncomfortable asking for help. With an app like this, people are on the app knowing good and well that people will chime in asking for favors! That's the whole point! So you don't feel alienated or needy like you would on a group text.

FavorCart is the app that allows you to request and fulfill favors at the grocery store! No more running out for sugar -- see if a friend is headed there anyway, and request! You can even pay in the app!

4 – It takes the awkward out of asking for money, or giving someone money.

I've grabbed something from the store for someone before. I feel so awkward asking for $1.69 for their box of taco shells, I usually say “nah, don't worry about it, my treat!”. But that can make them feel like they now owe me something or are indebted to me somehow. Which they aren't, but I know the feeling. But it can also be awkward when dropping off a few groceries to someone to say “so…how would you like to pay for these? Cash, or check?”. The nice thing about an app is that the app does the money talk. It tells you exactly what you owe (or what you are owed) and you make a few simple clicks to pay right then and there.

5 – It's an easy way to help others.

There are no rules to needing help; we all need it! Likewise, there are no rules for offering help to others.The impact that simple gallon of milk made on my day was immense. We all have hard, busy, or stressful days. For Heaven's sake, if we are headed to the store anyway, it really isn't a big deal to grab a few extra things for our friends who need them! I think we should all be doing more favors like this, and it would really help alleviate unnecessary stress in our lives! And bring us closer together. And solve world hunger. And world peace. And the rainforest tree shortage.

FavorCart is the app that allows you to request and fulfill favors at the grocery store! No more running out for sugar -- see if a friend is headed there anyway, and request! You can even pay in the app!

6 – It's easier than a text.

How do you know if someone is headed to the store or not? So how would you know who to text, and when? An app is just easier. Plus, a one-on-one text makes me feel like I'm pressuring them to grab me something from the store whereas just “putting it out there” is much more casual and less invasive…which I'm all about.

7 – It brings you closer to your neighbors.

Obviously geography will play the biggest role in this. You wouldn't want to offer or accept a favor from someone who lives 30 minutes away from you. Think of the Kumbaya that would resonate between you and your neighbors if you all sign up for the app and get in the habit of not only helping each other out regularly, but actually seeing each other regularly as you drop off their grocery items! Big fan, folks, big fan.

8 – It's not just for groceries.

FavorCart works at all your favorite stores… but what I love most is that their app lets you request a favor from almost ANY store! Below is a short list of the most common, but honestly, it works ANYWHERE you may need something (Lowes, Home Depot, seriously, you name the place, and you can likely request or fulfill a favor there!) –

FavorCart is the app that allows you to request and fulfill favors at the grocery store! No more running out for sugar -- see if a friend is headed there anyway, and request! You can even pay in the app!

So there you go! The app is brand new and will be updated and improved over time. But over all, I recommend giving it a try so you can help each other save time, money, and sanity.

Happy Favoring!








This post is generously brought to you by FavorCart, but I chose to blog about it and the ideas and opinions are all mine, of course.