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Warning: this is a random post.

As I mentioned in my Embracing Imperfections post, I'm working on posting those thousands of random quick tips that pop into my head, but never make it to the blog because it's not elaborate, earth shaking, or flattering (as you'll see in the video…trust me).

So another fair warning for you: you're going to see a lot more of the quick snippet posts around here for the next little while. I'm SOOO bogged down with trying to finish my book and working on the super secret project that I just have to do what I can. Love it, hate it, take it or leave it, I'll continue to do my best for y'all!

That being said, please enjoy this incredibly unflattering video of how I steam my fresh veggies in just minutes! Being able to cook veggies so quickly allows us to have a balanced meal without paying for convenience, pre-packaged food. It also helps us use up what we have in the fridge. Yes, conventional steaming is healthier. But it's better to have microwaved broccoli for dinner than none at all, right? *pound it* So without further adieu, here is:

My Broccoli is Faster Than Yours: How to Steam Veggies in Minutes

 Watch the video online or click and watch below:

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