How to stay motivated (…and motivate your spouse!)

It's hard to get or stay motivated isn't it? Budgeting and frugal living is NOT easy. And getting a spouse to get motivated is even harder! Have no fear, I've got the cure!


Raise your hand if you absolutely LOVE BUDGETING!! (...awkward cough...) Right. Exactly my point. I don't really know anyone who thinks budgeting and cutting back on spending is super duper fun. No, not even me. In fact, ESPECIALLY not me. Have I found ways to get excited about it? Have I found ways to stay motivated? Have I found methods that work? You bet. But do I innately love budgeting and finances? No way josé.

The interesting misconception I often run into is that people think “budgeting” is a timeline. Like a crash diet. You “budget” for a time, get it out of your system and do what you need to do, then go back to “normal”. (Let's see how many times I can use “quotations” in one paragraph.) The reality is that budgeting is a lifestyle, not a timeline. Sure, you can crash diet and lose 10 pounds in 1 month by eating nothing but salty lemon water and oxygen. But what happens when you start eating real people food again? That's right, those 10 pounds come back on faster than a mom in Target on Black Friday.

The trick is to never stop budgeting. To make it so much of an everyday…thing, that you hardly notice it any more.

But…what about those times when you need to cinch your belt so tightly, that you really are saying no to everything? Cutting back on it all? Miserably scraping by and losing all hope that you will ever get out of your financial situation? What happens when you just can't find the energy or willpower to even get started with setting a budget in the first place? What if you are motivated, but your spouse isn't? Or your spouse is motivated, and you isn't? aren't?

How do you push through and stay motivated…when you JUST. DON'T. WANT. TO??

Have no fear, Mama J has some tips for you!

I did a quick video to give you plenty of ideas for how to get motivated, stay motivated, and sometimes even harder…motivate your spouse.

Watch the video online or click and watch below:

Here are some additional posts to help you and your spouse stay motivated:

How to stay motivated (...and motivate your spouse!)

How to stay motivated (...and motivate your spouse!)

Hope that helps! Good luck to you all. Now, let's get out there and be all motivated and stuff! ;P



  1. AvatarSusan Finley says

    Hi Jordan! I love your blog and YouTube videos! I am getting our finances in order after failing last 6 years. I can count on income tax being exact same for next 10 years. I’m going to use it to get where I want to be; zero debt, get off Welfare, buy and own a house doing rent to own, buying SUV outright( Craigslist), and Walt Disney World. In that order in 10 years. Finally get husband on track but he wants a truck too and wants it as soon as debt is clear, before we are financially able to be off Welfare. Now we can’t stop fighting about it! We can save up for a truck within 5 years and he already owns dump truck that’s ancient. But he wants it now, to impress people who I could care less for. Image and competition. Help!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      That’s so hard. You just have to compromise and get on the same page! They numbers need to speak for themselves. He needs to be patient, but you can’t force that. Ask him “what compromise are you willing to make?” and go from there!

  2. AvatarLauren Williams says

    Motivation is so key! We always talk about budgeting but staying motivated is so hard. We’ll have to try for 3 months until it’s more of a routine. Thanks Jordan doe the tips!

  3. AvatarRachell says

    Money has always been a stressor and I tend to avoid talking about it. Which doesn’t help so these suggestions have been awesome!

  4. AvatarSara Thompson says

    It feels pretty common for one souse to be more invested at times than the other – what great tips for both staying on the same page!

  5. AvatarJanelle says

    “The reality is that budgeting is a lifestyle, not a timeline” SPOT ON. My New Years resolution is to budget every month this year. I’m learning a lot about the tools that work best for me… so that I can use these tools for life (not just for the year).

  6. AvatarDiana Burk says

    This is such an important topic, and so hard to make happen! My spouse loves the idea of budgeting, but sitting down to do it puts him to sleep! So giving him a “his” money account, and basically I manage the rest, has helped me! I still talk about the big stuff, but it takes the burden off my shoulders of having to tell him about EVERY purchase. Thanks!

  7. AvatarKrista Sidhu says

    Such good advice! I used the what do you want approach with my husband (he wants a truck) and it’s totally help! He’s so much more interested in trying to say more money now!

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