Well, hello! Happy Tuesday to you all.
Today I'm going a bit out of my comfort zone, but it's for good reason.
I'm out of my comfort zone because…
I don't wear glasses or contacts.
But it's for good reason because…
Lots of you do!

So, while this post was not written from personal experience like 99.9% of my posts are, there was lots of loving research that went into it, trying to find you the best resources possible. 
Hope it helps y'all!
How to save on contacts and glasses
While I don't wear contacts or glasses, 3 out of 5 of my family members do. So I do know one thing…
they can be COSTLY.
Like, ka-CHING costly.
Here are some easy ways to save a buck:
  • Check your insurance: First things first…get informed. You may be surprised to learn that your everyday health insurance helps cover eye care! They may even offer discounts on things like eye surgery. Call your insurance directly and ask them to explain how eye care works. Get all the facts before running to the eye doc, though, because many times it will help with exams but not actual eyewear. 
  • Get free eye care: EyeCare America has a free referral service. They are trying to raise awareness about eye disease by providing access to medical eye care. Check it out and see if it could work for you!
  • Order in-office first: For your first pair of glasses you might want to order them in-office so you can ensure the right fit. If you remember THIS TV segment you'll remember my informing you that Costco, for example, has their own eyewear factory so they can offer incredible pricing on prescription eyewear. However…

  • After that, order online! There are TONS of affordable resources online. You should NOT have to pay full-price for eyewear! There are online retailers like 39 Dollar Glasses or Eye Buy Direct. And of course, be sure to check out 1-800-Contacts. They are just about as big as it comes for online retailers. One perk is that they offer free shipping on orders over $50, which to my understanding, isn't too hard to do. Another thing I love is that they will match any price. If you find a better online price they will not just match it, but will beat it by 2%. See more about that by going HERE, and clicking on 20/20 guarantee at the bottom of their site. They also have an iphone App to make your life even easier.
  • Stock up and buy ahead: If you're like my dad and you're blind as a bat without your glasses or contacts, it would be a bummer if you broke or lost them because that means you would have to run out and pay top dollar for an emergency replacement. Find a good deal, and stock up – on both glasses and contacts. Wait for a sale, use a coupon, and sign up for retailer's email lists so you can be the first to know about sales and specials. Some people prefer to buy a more expensive pair of glasses to “wear out”, and to buy some cheaper pairs to keep around for the more casual moments in your life.
  • Take advantage of replacement and repair offers: Many offices AND online retailers include replacement or repair plans when buying through them. Whether it's replacing lost or broken glasses, adjusting them, switching them out, or repairing them, ask! Many retailers will do it for free to keep you as a customer.
  • Buy from the Dollar Store: My mom doesn't need glasses for day to day, but she's had to wear reading glasses for years. Where does she buy them? The Dollar Store, of course. Atta mom! She said they work great, they look great, and…hey…for a buck? Can't beat that. But, of course, this option wouldn't work for everyone.

So there you go! Next time you need some sweet shades, please, people…for heaven's sake…
don't pay a lot.
P.S…aren't we glad glasses have come such a long way?
Have a great week!
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