How to Save Money on Gas – 8 Genius Ideas!

Oct 4, 2021 | Budgeting, How To Save Money

Gas is not cheap! Clap back at those rapidly rising gas prices with these eight genius tips. You'll learn how to save money on gas and never shed a tear at the pump again!

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Filling up at the gas station sure isn't our idea of fun. Watching that dollar number climb higher and higher and higher… Ouch! It can feel like a swift kick to the wallet, right?

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Well, what if we told you there was a better way? We've got eight tips to show you how to save money on gas and make every penny count. While it may not seem like much at first, you'll save big over the course of a year! Hey, you can even put the extra savings toward your debt or finally take that vacation you've been longing for!


Knowing when to fuel up can save you big over time. Gas is cheapest, on average, on Mondays and Tuesdays, so choose those days to fill ‘er up! Prices are typically at their highest Friday through Sunday, so avoid the pump at all costs (literally!) on the weekends. If you know you'll need gas to get you through the weekend, top off your tank on Wednesday or Thursday before the prices climb to their peak!


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There are several factors that determine how quickly you burn through a tank of gas and how often you need to visit the pump. Here are some quick and easy changes you can make today that will help you conserve gas and money!

  • Carpool – Share rides! Take turns driving so you and a friend can both save big on gas. Carpool to the park, grocery store, extracurriculars, and more!
  • Use Cruise Control – Not only does cruise control help you conserve gas while driving, but it can also save you a bundle on a speeding ticket, too! You're welcome. 😉 Just be sure not to use it on terrain with lots of hills since this can actually cause you to burn more gas!
  • Don't Gun It – We all know hitting the accelerator hard lowers fuel economy, right? Well, here's the little nudge you needed to drive easier! Accelerate slowly and coast when you can to get the most out of your tank of gas.
  • Don't Idle Your Car – Yes, even sitting in one place with your car in park burns up gasoline, especially if you have that A/C cranked up on a hot summer day! Avoid idling your car and turn it off instead (as long as there aren't any people or animals in the car!). We know, we know. Cooling down your car five minutes before you leave for work is nice… But your budget will thank you for your sacrifice!
  • Skip the Drive-Through – How often do we spend 15-30+ minutes in a drive-through line? Yeah, that's a lot of wasted gas! Instead, park and go inside to get your food. (Or better yet, make your favorite copycat recipes at home using ingredients you already have and save some major money!)

No more googling “how to save money on gas” for you! Teach everyone in the family how to make these adjustments while driving and you'll save some major buckaroos.


There's an app for everything these days! GasBuddy, Gas Guru, and Waze are some of the most popular apps that show you how to save money on gas. Here's how they work!

  • GasBuddy This crowdsourcing app works by showing you where the cheapest gas is in your area. Users report their pump prices and get entered into a weekly drawing.
  • Gas Guru Gas Guru also shows you the cheapest gas prices in your area, but the information comes from the Oil Price Information Service instead of the app's users.
  • Waze Not only does this popular navigation app help you get where you're going, but it can also tip you off to the best gas prices!

Use one of these apps next time you're low on fuel and see how much you can save!


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There are tons of fuel rewards programs to choose from that will help you save money on gas. Almost every major fuel retailer has them! If you find yourself always dropping into Exxon, check out their rewards program. If you're more of a Shell gal, they've got one too! Every program is different, but it's definitely worth looking into your go-to gas station and finding out what they offer.

Many big-box retailers such as Walmart, Sams, Costco, and Kroger offer great gas rewards based on certain conditions. For example, Walmart has a membership fee that automatically saves you five cents a gallon every time you fill up, Costco offers a credit card that earns you 4% cashback, and Kroger gives you points every time you shop which turn into savings at the pump! Go ahead, mama… take advantage!


While there are some gas-only credit cards that offer rewards on purchases, any rewards credit card can help you make some of that moolah back at the pump. Check out our post all about the best rewards credit cards and see which one is best for you. Cha-Ching!

Now that you know how to save money on gas, it's time to start doing it! Implement these eight clever tips today and your budget will thank you tomorrow! Remember, it may just seem like a little at first, but we promise these tips will save you BIG over time. Now, let's get to saving!

How do you save big at the pump? Share your best tips with us below!

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Gas up and go save, friends!


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