How to pay off credit card debt – reader Q&A

How to pay off credit card debt and other debt questions from FunCheapOrFree

It's technically still Monday as I write this, so I guess it still works as Q&A Monday right?? (Can you tell I'm a boundary-pusher?) I've been getting so many great questions in my Q&A box lately, many of them about how to pay off credit card debt, how to use credit cards responsibly, and just about debt in general…so I thought I'd tackle a few of these issues in this Q&A video! So enjoy this quick Reader Q&A video about credit card debt and how to pay it off:

Watch this video online HERE or click and watch below:

Hope that helped! (P.S sorry the lighting looks pink? Not sure what button I pushed to make it wonky like that…). For more info on budgeting, finances, and getting Financially Fit the easy way, check out these other posts:


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  1. AvatarAmanda says

    Hi Jordan! I have only just discovered you!! How sad that I have wasted years of my living in bondage to debt!
    You are amazing and my husband and I are determined to follow your advice and be more wise about our money.
    I have a question in regards to paying off debt. We have several student loans, totaling around 100,000 dollars. We spend over 500 a month paying for them. We have consolidated, and tried to get them forgiven. Do you recommend paying these off in the same manner as all other debts such as credit cards? Should these be paid off before investing in the slush fund?
    Thanks so much for all your great advice, I’m hopeful you can change our lives!!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Hi Amanda! Yes, if I were you, I would focus everything I have on getting that debt paid off. Unfortunately that means all the “fun stuff” like vacations and slush money should go toward debt. BUT…the good news is, if you focus hard and get scrappy, it’ll all be over quickly and then you can move on to more FUN in your life!

  2. AvatarJenn says

    Hey Jordan! I recently discovered this and so excited about getting out of debt. I’m 39, recently divorced and have 2 children. I have $22K in credit card debt, $5K in savings, zero retirement money and $12K in Investments. I make $7,300/month (take home pay after taxes). I know I need to get the debt paid off ASAP. Would you using some of my savings to help pay off the credit card debt and do not put anything else into savings, retirement, or investments , until the debt is paid off?

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