How to pay off credit card debt and other debt questions from FunCheapOrFree

It's technically still Monday as I write this, so I guess it still works as Q&A Monday right?? (Can you tell I'm a boundary-pusher?) I've been getting so many great questions in my Q&A box lately, many of them about how to pay off credit card debt, how to use credit cards responsibly, and just about debt in general…so I thought I'd tackle a few of these issues in this Q&A video! So enjoy this quick Reader Q&A video about credit card debt and how to pay it off:

Watch this video online HERE or click and watch below:

Hope that helped! (P.S sorry the lighting looks pink? Not sure what button I pushed to make it wonky like that…). For more info on budgeting, finances, and getting Financially Fit the easy way, check out these other posts:


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