How to never have armpit, ever.

Guys…I have the strangest thing that I'm obsessed with right now. I haven't told a soul about it, but since it's seriously changing my life for the better, I've decided to open up and share with my BFF's (aka all of you) one of my greatest secret weapons to battling a dirty little secret I've been keeping. Ok, here goes…

My armpits don't sweat any more.

WHEEW! Glad I got that off my chest. But now I'm assuming you want more background on this awkward confession, so here goes…

Ever since Middle School I've had a serious problem with my armpits (Overshare, right?? Just bear with me, I swear it's worth your time). Luckily I've never had B.O. (glory alleluia), but having clammy (or downright wet) pits for no reason got so bad in high school I literally had to stop wearing certain colored shirts – even just to a normal day of school. I couldn't buy certain formal dresses, was worried spit-less when having to speak or perform in front of a crowd (which always made the problem worse), and would use the restroom at least 1x each class period to check my shirt in the mirror to make sure my pit stains weren't showing. Yes, it was mortifying and horrifying, and yes, I can't believe I'm telling you this.

Again, hear me out! There's a happy ending for us all!

I went to the doc and got a really painful prescription deodorant that burned my skin and stained all my clothes…but it helped! Add that to the fact that my hormones settled down eventually, and my armpits and I came to terms with each other.

Flash forward to current adulthood. I don't use the prescription deodorant any more and don't feel like I have the …he'em…problem…I had in adolescence. But if you haven't noticed (especially by my “Hear Jordan Speak” page), I LOVE public speaking and do it a lot. Whether it's on TV, in front of hundreds of people, or in front of an intimate group of 20 fancy couples, I love it. But no matter how much I've done it, I still get excited, amped, and even a little nervous.

So what do you do when you don't have a problem enough to get a prescription deodorant, but you still don't want to ever ever EVER EVER get pit stains in front of an audience?


Seriously, the best deodorant EVER.

I found SweatBlock and my life is changed. It a deodorant that is as effective as that painful prescription I used in High School, but without all the negatives (staining clothes, burning skin, etc). I use it and have never had to worry about clammy pits – ever – when I'm on TV, speaking in front of groups, or even going about my day-to-day.

Again, I know this is so weird. But I also know what it feels like to be self-conscious about something you can't control. I've been debating writing about this for a while and decided it's time…


The best deodorant EVER

I made a promise to you readers to share things that would potentially help your lives, so here you go. At about $18.99 for 8 wipes (and one wipe lasts for about 7 days) it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. Since I love you so much, I contacted SweatBlock about offering a discount (of course) so

Enter the promo code FCFPROMO to get 10% off + free shipping!

Psssst…The code expires on Oct 31 so hurry and stock up while you can

Update: A reader had trouble including a promo code at checkout. Here's what SweatBlock said “Thanks for the update.  Tell them to click the shopping cart icon (which will take them to the cart) and while in the cart apply the coupon code.  Once applied, they can hit the “checkout with paypal” button.  What is happening is that they click the “Checkout with Paypal” button in the “add to cart” confirmation.  I admit it is somewhat confusing.  I have actually already requested a fix to make it more intuitive.” BAM. If that isn't customer service, I don't know what is.

So there you go. I had to share with you this random little product that I'm nuts about, because I figure there are people out there who hold the same emotional scars and fear ending up on Dr. Phil someday because of their woebegone armpit issues.

Hope you like it as much as I do!



This post was brought to you by our friends at SweatBlock but it was my idea and the opinions are all mine, of course.