How to never ever ever have armpit stains again. Like, ever.

How to never have armpit, ever.

Guys…I have the strangest thing that I'm obsessed with right now. I haven't told a soul about it, but since it's seriously changing my life for the better, I've decided to open up and share with my BFF's (aka all of you) one of my greatest secret weapons to battling a dirty little secret I've been keeping. Ok, here goes…

My armpits don't sweat any more.

WHEEW! Glad I got that off my chest. But now I'm assuming you want more background on this awkward confession, so here goes…

Ever since Middle School I've had a serious problem with my armpits (Overshare, right?? Just bear with me, I swear it's worth your time). Luckily I've never had B.O. (glory alleluia), but having clammy (or downright wet) pits for no reason got so bad in high school I literally had to stop wearing certain colored shirts – even just to a normal day of school. I couldn't buy certain formal dresses, was worried spit-less when having to speak or perform in front of a crowd (which always made the problem worse), and would use the restroom at least 1x each class period to check my shirt in the mirror to make sure my pit stains weren't showing. Yes, it was mortifying and horrifying, and yes, I can't believe I'm telling you this.

Again, hear me out! There's a happy ending for us all!

I went to the doc and got a really painful prescription deodorant that burned my skin and stained all my clothes…but it helped! Add that to the fact that my hormones settled down eventually, and my armpits and I came to terms with each other.

Flash forward to current adulthood. I don't use the prescription deodorant any more and don't feel like I have the …he'em…problem…I had in adolescence. But if you haven't noticed (especially by my “Hear Jordan Speak” page), I LOVE public speaking and do it a lot. Whether it's on TV, in front of hundreds of people, or in front of an intimate group of 20 fancy couples, I love it. But no matter how much I've done it, I still get excited, amped, and even a little nervous.

So what do you do when you don't have a problem enough to get a prescription deodorant, but you still don't want to ever ever EVER EVER get pit stains in front of an audience?


Seriously, the best deodorant EVER.

I found SweatBlock and my life is changed. It a deodorant that is as effective as that painful prescription I used in High School, but without all the negatives (staining clothes, burning skin, etc). I use it and have never had to worry about clammy pits – ever – when I'm on TV, speaking in front of groups, or even going about my day-to-day.

Again, I know this is so weird. But I also know what it feels like to be self-conscious about something you can't control. I've been debating writing about this for a while and decided it's time…


The best deodorant EVER

I made a promise to you readers to share things that would potentially help your lives, so here you go. At about $18.99 for 8 wipes (and one wipe lasts for about 7 days) it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. Since I love you so much, I contacted SweatBlock about offering a discount (of course) so

Enter the promo code FCFPROMO to get 10% off + free shipping!

Psssst…The code expires on Oct 31 so hurry and stock up while you can

Update: A reader had trouble including a promo code at checkout. Here's what SweatBlock said “Thanks for the update.  Tell them to click the shopping cart icon (which will take them to the cart) and while in the cart apply the coupon code.  Once applied, they can hit the “checkout with paypal” button.  What is happening is that they click the “Checkout with Paypal” button in the “add to cart” confirmation.  I admit it is somewhat confusing.  I have actually already requested a fix to make it more intuitive.” BAM. If that isn't customer service, I don't know what is.

So there you go. I had to share with you this random little product that I'm nuts about, because I figure there are people out there who hold the same emotional scars and fear ending up on Dr. Phil someday because of their woebegone armpit issues.

Hope you like it as much as I do!



This post was brought to you by our friends at SweatBlock but it was my idea and the opinions are all mine, of course.



  1. AvatarLaceyM says

    Oh My Armpit! Thank you so much for sharing this. I too am somewhat pit challenged and have been trying without much success to find something to help. How long does it take to notice results?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Lacey, I noticed it right away. And I actually only had to use a few wipes and haven’t had a problem since. I didn’t even go through one whole box. I’m sure everyone’s experience will be different, but for me it only took 1-2 wipes and I haven’t needed it since.

  2. AvatarAshlee says

    You are not alone! I had this problem all through school as well and even now as an adult but I was always too embarrassed to go to the doctor! Thank you for this post! My armpits and my clothes thank you! Maybe I can finally wear gray!!!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      UGH gray is the WORST, isn’t it? And that thin t-shirt material that all the cute shirts come in, I had to completely avoid…until now, baby 😉 Good luck with it!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Here’s what SweatBlock said:
      “Thanks for the update. Tell them to click the shopping cart icon (which will take them to the cart) and while in the cart apply the coupon code. Once applied, they can hit the “checkout with paypal” button. What is happening is that they click the “Checkout with Paypal” button in the “add to cart” confirmation. I admit it is somewhat confusing. I have actually already requested a fix to make it more intuitive.”

  3. AvatarRebecca says

    I think this is an awesome thing to share and glad you did! I had the identical problem in high school (I even ran around with tissues in my armpits because it was so bad!) it wasn’t until I went to the health center in college that they prescribed me medication for it. Likely the same burning, itching thing that you used! I haven’t had any problems since. I even discovered that my husband had the same problem and we got him some medication as well. I think it is more common than we think, but people are too embarrassed to talk about it. Hopefully your post will encourage others!

  4. AvatarAlyssa says

    I’m so excited to try this stuff! Drysol’s the only thing that works for me, and I’m so sick of the burning and stained bedsheets and clothes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. AvatarBriana S says

    Oh em gee I can’t wait to try this. I don’t have a huge problem but I take a lot of walks at work and always come back a little damp and it doesn’t go away with the tight shirts I wear. Thanks for sharing and thanks for getting us coupon code!

  6. AvatarAllison says

    Your story is my story!! A wardrobe full of black tshirts is getting old! When I first got married and was on birth control I had some relief, but now my pits are back in all their nasty glory! I can’t wait to try this out. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with this embarrassing and awkward (ahem) problem..

  7. Avatarevi says

    While I am lucky enough not to suffer from overly-sweaty armpits and therefore don’t know how hard life is with this condition, I would like to point out not to use the product too much as the main ingredient is aluminum chloride – which has been linked to cancer (breast cancer in particular) more and more in the near past. To summarize the studies that have been made on this subject: since the aluminum chloride deodorants have come up, breast cancer has been rapidly increasing (particularly in the area of the breasts nearest to the armpits).
    I live in Europe and there has been much attention to this topic by the news recently. I myself have tossed the deodorants that contain aluminum chloride and switched to natural products. I want to point out again that I am just talking about “normal” sweaty armpits shouldn’t be treated with this product for the negative effects could by far exceed the positive effects.

    • AvatarJo says

      I’ve quit using commercial antiperspirants also for the same reason. I’ve had a couple of mammogram scares and luckily they turned out to be nothing but I am never using ammonium chloride again. I use a deodorant I make and not only do I not smell, I also sweat a lot less than I used to. After about a two week “detox” I’ve had no problem with wetness or smell. I’ll never use that stuff again.

  8. Avatarbrandi says

    I had a $10 gift card to amazon from swagbucks, so I got it there for my hubby. If it works like you say it does, I will be sure to stock up with your deal before it expires! But let’s be real, those drain things you recommended are amazing, so I’m sure I’ll get more 🙂

  9. AvatarJessica K says

    I wish I would’ve known about these when I was in high school or college! I used the burning prescription stuff too. I had already tried the secret clinical and all the other deodorants and totally had the same problem. Sweaters or loose sleeves were my friend in high school (I also had to avoid certain colors). The sweaters and jackets would cover the sweat but also made it worse. LOL it was horrible! I luckily had a friend who had the same problem but we both still hated it and neither of us found out about the prescription deodorant stuff in high school unfortunately.

    I still don’t really sweat in my armpits thanks to the burning stuff, but this would’ve been much more pleasant and less painful. I am so glad I know about this product now, just in case I need it in the future.

    Thanks so much for posting this! Even if it was awkward or embarrassing it is good to know there are others out there suffering through the same stuff.

    Jessica K Smith

  10. Avatarmaria says

    I have the same problem but I read somewhere that its not good to use antitranspirants especially for women because we need to sweat to eliminate all the toxines and if it doesnt happen probably mama’s cancer can come….do you know something about this? There is any probability or risk of breast cancer to use this kind of product?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback


    Maria G.

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