I love when my house smells good…especially when it's warm and sunny outside. There's something about a clean, fresh, bright scent that makes your home feel even more…well, clean, fresh, and bright!
I love these little scented oils from Bath and Body:
I have one of these oil warmers to distribute the smell.
Just for the record, you can find affordable versions of these warmers (and even oils) at Walmart! Who knew!
However, I was finding that I was burning through that expensive little oil pretty quickly! I followed my own rule (the “A” in my F.A.C.Ts) and asked a B&BW employee how to stretch it. She gave me this tip!
Use Safflower oil.
By using Safflower oil (which is pretty darn cheap) you can make your scented oil last 2-3x longer, saving you major dinero!
Click on the video below to see how I do it, or click HERE to see it on YouTube.
So there you go!
Happy sniffing 🙂
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