How to make ground beef LEAN!

How to make your ground beef leaner!

Since it's Focus on Fitness Month now, I thought I'd share a quick and healthy tip that I've been doing for years, to make your ground beef lean! Sure, you can buy lean ground beef (and I certainly do when I can price-match it for a good deal). But did you know you can make even the cheaper, fattier stuff lean too…in just one step?? It's true! Here's what you do…

Brown your ground beef until it's about 80% cooked through.

How to make your ground beef leaner!

Drain the grease. I like to tip my pan up, scoot my meat to the high side of the pan, let the grease drain down, and spoon it out.

How to make your ground beef leaner!

Ready for the trick??

Add about 1/4 cup water to your beef (with the heat still on), and finish cooking it.

How to make your ground beef leaner!


You will be SHOCKED at how much additional grease comes out!

How to make your ground beef leaner!

 Whether you buy the cheapest beef or the nicest, leanest kind, this trick will still work. This is a great way to get away with buying the cheaper meat, but still making it healthier for you and your family.

How to make your ground beef leaner!

Aaaah. Don't we all feel better??




  1. AvatarKaila says

    This is a neat idea and I would like to try it on some lean beef, but when you buy lean meat you throw out less. Buying meat that has a higher percentage of fat and then throwing out that fat means that you are spending just as much, maybe more for an inferior product.

  2. AvatarMelrilling says

    I put mine in a metal colander with a chopped onion, place it in a Dutch oven with @ 1 inch of water, and then steam it. Zero fat left!

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