How to get kids to nap!

Tips and tricks to get your kids to nap at the same time, everyday!

I often get asked how I get my kids to nap! (Yes, all 5 of my kids nap at the same time almost every day. It’s fine, call me the Nap Nazi, I don’t mind.) I’ll be honest, it took some practice. My oldest was a TERRIBLE sleeper, thanks to me and my incredible ability to create bad habits in babies. Four kids later and I’ve got this sleep thing down! Today's video will give you the inside scoop on my napping strategies, and the routines that work for us!

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Watch the video online or click and watch below:

And, in case you don't have time to watch… here's a few highlights!

Invest in a white noise machine! It drowns out outside noise, and signifies to your kids (with habit) that white noise means it's time to relax and snooze!

Tips and tricks to get your kids to nap at the same time, everyday!

Instead of packing your kiddo's lovey or special snuggle friend all over Timbuktu, make it a special “prize” just for sleep-time. Then they have something to look forward to!

Tips and tricks to get your kids to nap at the same time, everyday!

And, finally, this stoplight clock works wonders for keeping younger kids in bed. Red means “Stay in bed!”, and green means “It's okay to be seen!”. They don't have to read a clock to understand time! (Now, truth be told, we are on our third stoplight timer… anyone have alternative ideas? We love the concept… but sheesh couldn't you last longer?!)

Tips and tricks to get your kids to nap at the same time, everyday!

That's how we do it around here! Naps for the kids, mean happier evenings at home. It's worth the routine guys! While you're at it, you may want to check out my post on how to get babies to sleep, it has more tips more tricks, and some of my favorite gadgets! Want more? Follow me on Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up to date with all the shenanigans going on in my corner of the world!


Happy Napping!


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  1. AvatarCorrie says

    I love this!! We have a lot of friends who use the “Tot Clock,” but the “OK to Wake” alarm clock has great reviews and looks less babyish!

  2. AvatarAlissa says

    No way. I love your blog. In fact, you were my main inspiration to start my own blog just this month and I totally wrote about this exact thing just the other day. We just taped over the minute numbers on the clock with a piece of paper that has the number of the time they can come out. (nap time ends at three, so the piece of paper taped over the minutes has a big ‘3’ on it.). Check out my post!

  3. AvatarKrystal says

    We use the Gro Clock. When they are supposed to be sleeping there are stars which countdown one by one. Then the sun comes up for wake up time. They are expensive on Amazon, but we got ours cheaper through catch of the day. Ours lasted almost a year before the cord broke (my son kept yanking it out of the wall). The company replaced the cord free of charge. Didn’t even ask how old it was or what happened! My daughter is 3 and loves it. 🙂

  4. AvatarLora says

    I love the “make nap time a priority” idea. But, the “in bed by 7” ?? It sounds great, but everything planned in the evening interferes. Dinner here is when hubby gets home at 6, which even makes it hard, but church, 4-h, sports, and playtime with Daddy could never happen before then. How are you home every night? Honest question!

  5. AvatarMichelle says

    Wow I love this! With my oldest who is 12 now I spoiled her like crazy but she was always really good about taking naps but I never had her on a very strict schedule ! My two year old boy/ girl twins ya I’m a nap nazi haha I put them in the same crib put on soothing music and sit in the rocking chair everyday at 11am and wait till they asleep I know sounds like a pain but usually takes 10mins then I leave the room and sleep 2-3hrs? (Side note I still give them a bottle only at nap time and bedtime) that helps! My girl twin has a Paci also! I’m my eyes whatever works for you! But some days we will be outside and it’s past 11 and they are asking me to go in and nap haha now that’s routine! Im really bad with letting my kids get away with anything and spoiling them but I think nap time is sooo important for everyone!! It’s so good for their development etc and I need quiet time too!!

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