These 8 tips will make learning how to declutter your home and life so much easier. Plus, grab our free printable to help you get it done and join the declutter challenge!

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Are you tired of all the clutter in your home? Where, oh where, does it even come from?! An even better question is where, oh where, do I even start?! Anyone else ever feel this way? Ahhh!

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Well, fret no more, friend. We've got 8 tips to help you learn how to declutter your home and they are quick, easy, and painless! Also, don't forget to grab our free declutter challenge printable to help you really make some progress on your space.


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If you know us at all, you know we believe in the power of the timer! Even if you don't have much time to spare, set your timer for ten or fifteen minutes and get to work. You'll be amazed what ten minutes of focused decluttering can do!


We don't know about you, but the thought of decluttering our entire house is overwhelming, to say the least! Instead of stressing yourself out, feeling like you have so much to declutter and so little time… take it one single space at a time. Choose one room or even one area of a room. This may be the office or the bookshelves in the office. Keep it manageable and celebrate when you accomplish a space!


If you're on a mission to declutter your home, chances are there are some things in there that you don't use. Donate those suckers, friend! If you haven't used it and don't have a use for it… say sayonara to the junk and hello to more space!


Once you've chosen the space you're going to tackle, it's time to employ the box method! For this you simply need four boxes; one for keep, trash, donate, and relocate. As you're combing through your space, leave no stone unturned and no item unboxed. Once you've gone through your space, you should clearly see the items intended to donate, trash, keep, and even the items you want to keep but put in a different space!


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One of the main reasons our spaces can become cluttered is because those items typically don't have any real “home” to go to. Take the time to set up some organization systems if you don't already have them so those items that cause the clutter have an intentional place to go. Check out our genius closet organization hacks and our bathroom organization tips!


Have you ever looked into the back abyss of your closet and recognized a piece of clothing you haven't worn since college, or even worse, high school?! Been there done that! If you want an easy way to declutter your closet, try this clever hanger trick.

Turn all the hangers around and hang them from the back side of the rod. Set a time frame like six weeks or three months and any item you haven't touched by then has got to go! As you wear your clothes during this time, rehang them the right way so you'll know what's been untouched.


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It may be easier to let go of unused things if you can make a quick buck selling it in a garage sale or online. No, you don't need two slow cookers… sell one and get some extra cash in your pocket! Brand name shoes or clothes you never wear? Take them to a consignment store or sell them online. Win!


Need a little help learning how to declutter your home, getting motivated, or finishing the job? We've got you! Grab our free declutter challenge printable! It will help you stay on track, monitor your progress, and celebrate your wins. Plus, it's a great visual to use to get your kids involved and teach them how to declutter, too!

Well, what are you waiting for? Tell us your best decluttering hacks in the comments below!

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Happy decluttering!