How to Cut Boys Hair at Home! (in under 15 minutes!!)

Cut boy's hair at HOME, in under 15 minutes!! Step by step video, must-watch!!!

Recently on Instagram I mentioned how I cut my boys hair at home which saves a ton of money. I asked if you wanted a tutorial and you answered with a resounding HOLY-COW-YES! Have no fear, my “How to Cut Boys Hair” tutorial is officially here!! (Aren't you proud I actually followed through when I said I'd do something?!).

First off, let me be clear that I am NO professional hair stylist. I'm probably doing it all wrong. But you asked how I cut my boys hair, so I'm happy to show you! Over the years (through lots of bad haircuts, trial, and error…) I've mastered the 10-12 minute haircut, and it ends up looking pretty dang decent. I mean, look at this cute kid:

How to cut boys hair at home in under 15 minutes! So easy, video step by step tutorial! From

Heaven knows I've had practice, my boys' hair grows like MiracleGro plants on steroids. So in true FunCheapOrFree fashion, while it may not be fancy, I'll show you how to cut boys hair at home…in under 15 minutes! HINT: It's not as hard as you might think.

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Watch the video online or click and watch below:


See, not too hard right?!

It takes a little practice but in time, you get faster and faster, and the cuts look better and better.

Here's the kit we use:

How to cut boys hair at home in under 15 minutes! This kit is under $16 and is the BEST. Step by step video, must watch! From

And our favorite gel:

If you were curious this is the best hair gel EVER – Gorilla Snot. Yes, it's a thing, and yes, it's AWESOME!

Gorilla Snot Gel - the best hair gel, EVER!

…and here's the Instagram post in case you missed it and were curious.

Cutting your kids hair at home can be a GREAT way to save a few (or many) bucks! The walk-in haircut place by my house is charging $25 (plus tip) for a basic toddler haircut. What?! Spend that $25 on a hair cutting kit and save month after month! We got ours from Costco for around $30 and it's awesome. You can cut your kids hair, your husbands hair, even your own if you're brave! This is NOT to replace a relaxing trip to the salon or a fun new style courtesy of the awesome hairdressers out there. But if all your child/husband needs is a quick trim or buzz cut…bam! Savings!! I have been cutting my boys and trimming Priya's at home for years. Would you guys like to see a video on how I do it? Leave a comment below and let me know!! #TheFrugalMinute |image: aliexpress|

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Do you cut your kids' hair at home? Tell us your secrets in the comments below if so!

Happy hacking 😉



    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Mine was too! We’re talking snot running down their face and epic tears. That’s when we implemented bribery, treats, and the ipad. Now they are used to it, thank goodness!

  1. AvatarCheryl says

    I checked out your blog and I must say you do a very nice job. We started doing the at home haircuts after my boys got two really bad haircuts in a row at the barber shop. He skinned the sides, looked like he cut steps, and he went higher on one side than the other. I was disgusted, my sister accused me of hacking them, I told her they were from the barber and my mother just said, it will grow back. So I asked my then boyfriend, now husband to help me as he had been cutting my hair for me since we started dating. We bought a good set of Wahl clippers at Sally’s. The cheaper units are noisy, vibrate a lot and get hot fast. Being I would be saving a lot of money, I figured it was worth the few extra dollars. I bought a child’s cape and the neck strips. He already had a good quality pair of hair shears, which he uses on mine. We watched a couple of YouTube videos and we set the children up on the patio outside for easier clean up. My younger went first, did a #6 on top, #4 on the sides and neck clean up. My guy showed me the techniques of the scooping to blend transitions. My older wanted his longer on top, so my guy took over to do the scissor over comb trimming on top and blended the shorter layers on the sides. Both haircuts came out great, better than the barber on the first attempt. My mom was impressed, and told me we did nice work as the boys looked quite handsome with their haircuts. I was nervous but thought I did ok, my older one however told me I was fired and the younger followed suit, saying my guy does a better job. So he does the boys haircuts each month and mine every 6-8 weeks. I figure at the costs of the haircuts, tip and transportation, I save about $60 a month on the boys. Mine at $70, 8-9 times a year, saves me over $1400 a year. I like saving the trip, not waiting for the haircuts or having the haircuts rushed through. And I don’t miss the hassle of making an appointment, the long wait and then having they stylist do what they want versus what I asked. So congratulations on the smart move of saving money while doing a great job on your children’s haircuts.

  2. AvatarAlexis says

    I actually cut my husband’s hair the exact same way you do using the clippers from Costco! He hates going to the barber and doesn’t mind the way it looks in the end. My 6 yr old daughter goes to the salon 2x a year because she has hair that is curly underneath and straight on top and it looks best with some layers cut into it which I have not been able to figure out how to do myself. But in between salon trips I trim her bangs myself which is pretty easy. I may even grow out her bangs and go down to 1 salon trip a year. Hmmmmmm

  3. AvatarTracyEllen says

    My son is 14 and on the autism spectrum. His old foster mom is the ONLY one who he lets cut his hair. We’ve tried going to a barbershop but that didn’t work for long. He walked out when the guy turned on the clippers. I tried doing it, but that didn’t work either. We keep trying.

  4. AvatarLisa says

    I have been cutting my boys’ hair since they were little. They are now 12, 15 and 18. Once they turn 12 the receive a monthly allowance for clothing, school supplies, entertainment and personal grooming. They HATE spending that money on a haircut, so I often still cut my teenagers’ hair. My lifesaver tool is the blending scissors/thinning shears!

    • AvatarKairi Gainsborough says

      Thanks for the guide on how to cut boy’s hair by myself. My husband doesn’t like going to salons, so he keeps asking me to give him a haircut. I’ll have to pick up some thinning shears. It seems like they will make it much easier to get subtle layers.

      • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

        Yes good luck! It took me a little practice but I can whip through it quickly at this point. Thanks for reading! XO

  5. AvatarStarla says

    We do salon for the kids but after your video I’m AT LEAST going to do my sons hair at home. I don’t think I’ll attempt my two girls. It makes me nervous.

  6. AvatarAileen says

    I’m so glad you posted this! We do pay for haircuts because I’ve been too afraid to try doing it myself, but I may try now that I have a tutorial. We did manage to find a haircut place that only charges $12, but it still adds ip! I swear my kid always needs a haircut and I end up letting him have shaggy hair for longer than I should. Thanks again Jordan!

  7. AvatarTrish says

    We use the FLOWBEE haircutting system for cutting our boys hair at home. We love it! It hooks up to the vacuum sweeper and sucks all th hair right up…no cleanup! The downside is that it’s a bit of a noisy affair…. but it’s fast! Look it up online. It’s a bit of an investment to purchase..close to $100 but for us it’s been worth every penny!

  8. AvatarSheena says

    We tried this at our house (3 boys and the husband x $16 a piece at Supercuts every 3 weeks is just crazy!) BUT I butchered their hair lol! Left them with gaps and bleeding ears. I opted to find a friend that knows what she’s doing. She cuts hair, I bring dinner!
    Sheena recently posted…Stitch Fix #11My Profile

  9. AvatarHeidi says

    With 6 boys here I learned how to cut their hair along time ago! I’ve been doing it for longer than I can remember! It’s a great money saver and definitely not that hard. Now as they get to be teenagers if they want to pay for their own haircuts that’s fine with me. But most of the time they don’t want to put out their money for it and I end up doing it. 🙂 🙂 They’re learning how to be frugal! 🙂 🙂

    • AvatarHeidi says

      Forgot to mention my tip. The plastic body cover for the boys and an apron for me is well worth the $$ for me! I just shake it out and the hair falls right off, instead of getting stuck in my cloths and all over their bodies! Trust me it gets annoying! ? Also it’s easier for me to go outside through the warmer months with all that hair!!! I just sweep up the bulk of it and trash it, then sweep the rest into the grass. Plus the birds use it for their nests, I’ve seen them pick clumps of hair up and fly off with it. We do live way out in the country with a couple acres, so I know it’s not blowing into a neighbors yard!

  10. AvatarLora says

    I have always cut my son’s hair. He is 13 now and has a surfer style, so no clipper for me :-(. But, I got a book and with some trial and error learned how to do a full cut with comb and scissors! ? It has been fun over the years switching styles up a bit etc. still takes me 30 mins but well worth it!

  11. Avatarmargarita says

    We have a boy and a girl, so I curssen followed. Now I cut my children, my husband and sister in law with colors. And saves €17.50 per haircut. My daughter (4 years) will not go to the hairdresser, she says mama always does and as I want. Makes me proud as they say.

  12. AvatarAimee says

    Tried it on my husband since he often just shaves his head anyways. Didn’t go so well, lol but will keep trying before I try on my son.

  13. AvatarKrista Sidhu says

    I try to cut my boys hair (I’ve got 3 of them) but they cry or whine! But they are perfect angels for the hairdressers ?‍♀️

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