How to Cook an Egg in the Microwave: 60 Second “Fluffy Egg” (That Will Change Your Life!)

How to cook an egg in the microwave: 60-second "fluffy egg" (and a 15 second video)  that will CHANGE your life! from

The other day I posted my “fluffy egg” recipe (if you can even call it that) on Instagram and Facebook. thousands of views and dozens of comments later, I realized this was a revolutionary tip to many of you…and I guess I should share it here as well!

It's important for me to give my kids a hot breakfast in the morning. It keeps them fuller longer, usually means it's healthier than something quick and cold, and well, it's just how my mom did it! But I don't really like to cook, and I have zero time in the morning for ornate breakfasts. I figured out how to cook an egg in the microwave in and its CHANGED MY LIFE! It only takes 60 seconds and doesn't dirty a single pan. Yes, you read that right.

Without further adieu, I now introduce you to my:

60-Second “Fluffy Egg”…in the Microwave

It's so simple, I can summarize it in a 15 second video! Watch online or click and watch below:

Can you believe how easy that is?? No pans to scrub, and the texture is amazing. My kids FAR prefer Fluffy Eggs (as I've fondly come to call them) as apposed to typical scrambled eggs.

Here are the steps broken down:

  • Crack an egg into a microwave safe cup (or bowl if you want a flatter egg). You can spray the cup or bowl with cooking spray first, but honestly, I've never really had to, it's always washed out fine.
  • Stir up the egg, making sure to puncture the yolk (or it will explode! Trust me on this!)
  • Feel free to add a little milk, cheese, veggies, diced meat, or whatever your heart desires. I've had readers comment about adding smoked salmon, tuna, and other deliciousness. Don't be too heavy-handed if you're only cooking one egg.
  • Microwave it for 60 seconds, or until cooked. Note: totally depends on the microwave! It was only 40 seconds on my old one, our new one is a wuss I guess.
  • Voila! Enjoy a fluffy, yummy egg. You can eat it as-is, or use it to make an egg sandwich, tuna salad, or breakfast sandwich.

Sometimes I'll cook the eggs in a cup and have my kids eat it directly out of the cup, in the car on the run. It's truly life changing, I'm telling you. Feel free to share this with any egg-loving friends (or busy moms for that matter) and have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Avatarss says

    I have been making these for breakfast every single day since you posted them on IG, and I see no reason to stop. LOVE IT!!! You aren’t kidding when you say it’s life changing. I’ve been adding various things to them as well, and the kids definitely eat them better than scrambled eggs. Thank you for sharing this, these are my favorite kinds of posts from you! Oh, baked Italian sandwiches and garlic brown sugar chicken are weekly regulars in our house too. Would love to see the graham cracker chicken recipe you mentioned on IG too! That pasta looked delish!

  2. AvatarLinda says

    This was made famous by Hungry Girl several years ago. To me, the most important thing is making sure you coat your “Egg Mug” mug with oil so that you can easily clean it after you eat 🙂 There are a multitude of variations that Lisa Lillien has created over the years.

  3. AvatarNelda says

    Jordan!! You ROCK! The fluffy egg is such a hit. Thank you so much. I love all your posts and most especially these random ones. I was struggling in giving my kids super sugary yogurt tubes when we were on the go in the morning and so I replaced it with fluffy eggs this morning (and for my husband too) and they are in love. Even the name is fun and brilliant (kinda like the fluffy bunny game). Anyway, never stop posting about anything cause everything you post about is perfection. Hugs and love. Nelda

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I only add about 10 seconds for 2 eggs, but it ultimately depends on your microwave! Just go LESS time than you think or it might splatter and blow up in your microwave.

  4. AvatarMack Theos says

    Know that all microwaves are different and it is important to be patient while testing to see what works best. Also — eggs cook fast, especially in a microwave, so keep an eye on them while they cook.

  5. Avatar@madelinehere says

    I find cooking in any plastic vessel helps with no stick easy clean up and you can see all parts of your “fluffy omelet” by looking through it.

    I find using smaller Tupperware to get thicker egg/eggs best for fluffy..

    I often use this recipe: 2 eggs, one half very mashed black ripe banana (I store and use from freezer), two big scoops of Cho bani peach yougurt, a tablespoon of rasberry jam, and a bunch of sunflower, poppyseeds, flax thrown in.

    Yes, it sweet, fruity, doesn’t taste very eggy, fluffy sometimes I only add sunflowers eels or no seeds, and a I love it so much I make one, 3 mins in microwave.. Every Day.
    I normally don’t love eggs and will cover in ketchup…
    Miami, Florida

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