Try These 6 Fun Workouts & Learn How to Reduce Burnout & Boredom

Mar 18, 2021 | Fitness, Health, Motivation

Working out can feel like a chore sometimes. Why not move beyond walking or biking and try one of these super fun workouts instead? They'll get you moving, toned up, and may even help with weight loss. Plus, we bet you'll have a blast!

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Raise your hand if you get bored running on the treadmill. Now raise your hand if you feel like you never have enough time to go to the gym. We see you, and we feel you, girl! And we are here to help.

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We're about to share half a dozen fun workouts for you to try. You'll have a blast doing them, so it won't even feel like work! Plus, we've got some tips and tricks that will help you avoid workout boredom and burnout. Ready to have some fun?


We're just not the type of gals who like spending an hour on the treadmill every day. Sorry, not sorry. If you like doing it, we say good for you. You do you! But we need a little more variety to stick with our workout routine. If you're the same way, we've rounded up a few fun workouts to try. You may not even notice you're exercising. Score!


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Okay, you guys. We're just a little obsessed with Aerial Silks! And you may be ready to throw this idea out the window, but we promise you it's FUN!! Don't be scared.

The first time we tried, we felt a little ridiculous, we won't lie. And yes, your backs might ache that day, but you know what? It's a GOOD workout! The second time around, we even rounded up a group of girls and had a blast! Like, so, so much fun; can't wait to do it again kinda fun.

Give it a try. It's such a great core workout, good for flexibility, and a fun bonding experience for friends. We guarantee you'll laugh while doing it, and that's a good workout, too! Oh, and be sure to check Groupon for local deals! We found one in our area for 50% off the class.


If you follow us on Instagram, then you probably know how much we love a good old fashioned kitchen dance party. It's just good for the soul, and as it turns out, it's good for the waistline, too.

You can burn some serious calories just by dancing for a few minutes each day. And the best part? It doesn't cost you a dime! Seriously. You don't need any equipment, you don't need to leave your house, and it's a dang fun time.

Turn up the music, do a few chores, and get your body moving. Set a timer on your phone, get up, and have a five-minute dance party three times a day. You'll feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally in no time.


two moms walking with strollers, from Fun Cheap or Free

Mamas, we know you need a break! Fresh air and time with friends can be the best medicine, so load the kiddos up in a stroller, lace up your shoes, and go for a walk.

We love setting a date to walk with a few local ladies 2-3 times each week. Getting out of the house is good for everyone, and a lot of sleep experts claim exposure to fresh air and sunlight helps little ones sleep better at night, so that's a plus.

Making time for some adult conversation is a total win, too, and it makes walking a blast. You'll log some steps, get the heart pumping, and have a ton of fun.


Okay, here's another idea that costs very little money. All you need is a mat, and you're golden. And if you thought yoga looked boring, ya may want to think again.

There are a TON of free yoga classes on YouTube, so start small and commit to doing 2 or 3 15-minute routines each week. Figure out which instructors and poses you love, and go from there!

Yoga is great for your mind, too, and a total stress-booster, so there's that! Namaste, friends.


Okay, this one is so much fun when the weather is nice! Did you know that a ton of local parks have free frisbee golf courses? Yup!

Are you wondering what the heck frisbee golf is? Well, first of all, it's pretty fun. In a nutshell, you throw a frisbee at a target (usually a wire basket) to score points. A typical course is either 9 or 18 holes. It's a great group activity, a good workout, and not boring at all. Fun workouts, for the win!


Remember how much fun gym class was? Well, check with your local parks and recreation, or organizations like Waka, because you're never too old to have some fun playing sports with friends.

From kickball to softball and even cornhole or skeeball, there's an intramural league for just about any sport you can think of! So much more fun than running, right?! It's also an awesome way to make a few new friends or spend time with the hubs for a weekly date night. Nothing brings people together quite like a little friendly competition.


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Ok, Freebs, now you've got six pretty cool new workouts to try, but how do you keep yourself from getting bored with your new exercise routine? Well, we've learned a thing or two about motivation, and we have three quick tips to share:

  • Mix it Up – There's comfort in predictability. We're all about routines around here! But there's also something to be said for variety. Especially when workouts are concerned. Choose different exercise types to work different muscles, engage different parts of the brain, and keep your body guessing. You'll be much less likely to burnout.
  • Be Realistic – You're not going to go from couch potato to marathon runner overnight, so go easy on yourself! How many times have you set a goal that wasn't achievable, gotten discouraged, and given up? We've done it too many times to count, which is why we now focus on setting realistic goals. Start small and work your way up!
  • Choose Activities You Love – Don't love to run? No problem! Not into kickball or yoga? That's okay, too. Instead of forcing yourself to do something you hate, find a form of exercise you enjoy.

And one final piece of advice? Give yourself permission to rest! Your body needs time to recover in between workout sessions, so consider downtime a gift.

How do you keep your workouts feeling fresh? Do you have a favorite activity to get the heart pumping?

We'd love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below.

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  1. Kelly-lee Pitt

    Wow Jordan you make this look so easy and so much fun, i have a friend who started doing silks and then moved onto Pole routines, now they do group performances and attend State championships. She has the strongest back/arms/stomach now. It is all so good for core fitness. You will reach your toes in no time at all! I try and stretch every day even if just for 10mins, makes a huge difference and now I can go beyond my toes! Am still not good at the splits though, maybe one day. Keep up your good work, you are looking mighty fine sista:-)

    • FunCheapOrFree

      10 minutes a day?? I can do that. I just need to get in the routine. Thanks for the encouragement, I CAN DO IT!

  2. Charlsey G

    That looks like so much fun! I think I have workout ADD, too. I’m gonna see if they have something like this in Nashville 🙂

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Another tip? Pole dancing classes are really fun too! haha. I’ve tried both. It’s not the sexy, raunchy stuff you think of, it’s a fabulous workout using only your body strength. Give it a try!

  3. Meg Metzler

    You look beautiful in those silks, Jordan! I’m inspired to try something new!

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Thanks Meg! Give it a try, it was seriously so fun.


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