When I was in high school I was on 3 different cheerleading teams. What did that mean for me?
1) Chronic hoarse voice
2) Lots…and lots…and lots…of ponytails.
One day I was complaining to myself about my poor, stubby ponytail. I held my hair in two sections and my hair suddenly went nearly halfway down my back! I thought, “man, if only I could get my hair to STAY this way!” Well guess what? I did
I figured out a little trick that I used for years…then completely forgot about (because I cut my hair short)…then rediscovered this week! Time to share the good news, people.

To add length to your ponytail follow these simple steps:

1. Split your hair into two sections. 
You want your top pony section to be where you would normally wear your ponytail. As you can see by the pic, it should contain more hair; about 2/3 of your hair I'd say. You want the bottom ponytail to be hidden; it's simply to add length. You want the top one to be more voluminous – thus, it works MUCH better if you add some wave or curl to your hair before doing this.
Notice how the side hair coming into the top ponytail goes down to my ear; you don't want to see a line across the middle of your head. I also like to pull the hair on the top of my head loose, or even back-comb it a little so the ponytail isn't slicked back tight against my head. It allows more room for error; it's a natural, “slightly messy” look.
Once you get the pony's where you want them, pull the hair so the elastics go tight against your head.
2. Hide the elastic.
The purpose is to HIDE the bottom pony, so I like to smush and spread my hair around to get it to fall nicely around the bottom pony so it hides it. You could even pin a few strands here and there to strategically hide it (just don't let the pins show).
Often times I will take one long strand of hair and loosely wrap it around BOTH elastics, then secure it with a bobby pin. It helps hide any black that might show and gives it the illusion that it's one thick pony.
3. Enjoy the before and after!
You've added length and body to your ponytail, without it costing you a dime.
Won't your man be proud?

What tricks do YOU use to give your hair a special touch?
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear it!

Pony on!