Fit for Summer 10lb challenge for June

Guys…June is OVER. Is anyone else looking around saying, “what the whaaaaaaaaaa??”

For those who have been following along with the Fit for Summer 10lb challenge in June, I hope it's been going well for you! The challenge ends THIS WEEK so be sure to end strong! It has been so eye-opening for me. I've LOVED working with M5 Fitness in learning how to become healthy and get fit this summer.

Since I'm pregnant, my focus wasn't to lose 10lb like it was last year. This year my focus was to work on balance – finding time for regular exercise, cutting back on sugar, drinking more water, and eating healthier. Want to know what?….it was harder than losing the 10lb! When I lost 10lb, it was a very defined goal. It was a sprint; work as hard as you can for a short amount of time and see quick payoff. This time it's more like a slow and steady walk…for the rest of my life. I haven't seen many physical results, and it's taken much more mental concentration. BUT…it's been better for me in the LONG run! Here's what I've done this month to get and stay healthy:

  • Focused on my food. I admittedly don't know much about eating healthy. Sure – veggies, fruits, fat/sugar in moderation, got it. But I've really been working on learning more about reading labels, learning about what foods are healthy for you and why, and finding ways to squeeze healthy foods into EVERYTHING I cook and eat – not just at dinnertime when I have a pile of steamed veggies next to whatever I cooked that night.
    • I've been watching M5 Fitness's nutrition classes online which have been SO helpful.
    • I've been buying more veggies (like I did the other day) and focusing on eating lots of them with dinner, working on getting my family (including Bubba) used to eating them.
    • I've been using the “Deceptively Delicious” cookbook to learn how to cook and puree veggies, keep them on-hand in the fridge and freezer, then sneak the veggies into EVERYTHING – including Mac N Cheese, pancakes, and even grilled Cheese sandwiches. It helps make sure we're getting enough servings and makes almost everything we cook healthier now.

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons

    • I've been packing lunches to places like the pool and park rather than running through the drive through each time like I used to. I'm finding that it really doesn't take much extra time to slap some sandwiches together, and it's saving us a ton of money AND calories.

how I'm getting healthy this summer

  • Put exercise on my physical calendar. I used to run to a class at the gym if I looked at my calendar in the morning and noticed we didn't have any plans; I'd try to squeeze in the workouts when I could. Now I pick the classes I want to do that week (at the gym or at home using M5's videos online) and I put them in my calendar and schedule my life AROUND them.
    • I have also been trying to focus on exercise that doesn't come easy for me. My legs, for example, are jello and completely useless. So I used to avoid leg exercises. Now I really try to hone in on them and find classes/videos that really work on leg strength, which has been a challenge!
  • Looking at OVERALL health, not just food and weight. This is, hands down, the hardest one for me. Since I haven't been able to watch weight this time since I'm pregnant, it's allowed me to focus more on all the OTHER aspects of being fit/healthy. Like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, even wearing my super intense prescription strength old lady-feeling compression hose to help keep my incredibly horrific varicose veins in check (as talked about HERE).

compression hose

    • My greatest vice is the “getting enough sleep” part. I need to work still at the whole “early to bed, early to rise” thing. I go to bed at midnight or later, then have my kids draw or color when they wake up until I become functional between 7:30-8am (even though some days they are up as early as 6:30). It's bad. I really canNOT function early in the morning, and as hard as I try, no matter how early I start getting ready for bed, my brain and body doesn't wind down until 11:30 or later. But it's all about habits, so that's my next goal to work on! (Any advice??)
  • Get my family involved in being fit and healthy. Bubba and I have both made efforts lately to exercise WITH our kids, teach them about what it means to be healthy, and do more active things as a family. Bubba even went “running” with our 4 year old (as he describes HERE).
Going on a "Run" with our 4 hear old (more like a fast walk, but hey, at least he tried!)

Going on a “Run” with our 4 hear old (more like a fast walk, but hey, at least he tried!)

    • Bubba especially has also been teaching the kids about how to get stronger and faster, and our 4 year old can quote the steps: “Get good sleep, eat lots of veggies, drink water, and exercise”. He will even tell you important exercises: “squats, wall sits (which we make them do when they are sassy as explained HERE), pushups, pull-ups, and running.”
    • My DH doesn't like veggies very much. He'll eat whatever I cook, but he doesn't love them. So I've been trying to share with him the things I learn about eating healthy and it's been helping to open his mind and taste buds to the importance of healthy eating.
    • We've also been focusing on taking vitamins. I'm not very good at taking prenatal vitamins consistently so I've REALLY been working on that, as well as making sure Bubba and the kids are taking vitamins too.

garmin vivofit

    • I've also been using a Garmin Vivofit which is the COOLEST THING EVER! It not only tracks my steps taken, miles traveled, and calories burned in a day, but also notifies me when I've been sitting too long, and even tracks the quality of sleep I'm getting at night! I LOVE this thing. It starts the day with a goal of 7500 steps and counts backwards with each step I take, so I can see exactly how many steps I have LEFT until I reach my goal. It helps me make sure I'm up and moving. It syncs with my computer and phone so I can set specific goals, put in my height/weight/age so it sets the right goals for me, and stores my info. I'm not much of a gadget-y person but I seriously love this thing. The folks at Garmin were nice enough to send me one to try, but I give it my big stamp of approval and you can get one on Amazon.


WHEEW! So there you go. That's how I've been working on getting fit and healthy for summer. How has the month gone for YOU?? What have YOU been doing to get healthy? Be sure to leave a comment and share your ideas!