Diaper bag organization tips and hacks! From FunCheapOrFree.com

Does anyone else have a diaper bag that feels more like a black hole with a side of crumbs? Welp, you're not alone.

With it being the new year and all, I've been really focusing on taming Hurricane Hilda (aka my annoying alter ego who insists on wrecking my life and causing havoc everywhere she goes, as explained HERE). Last year I had grand ideals about the giant projects I was going to tackle, and the masterful things I was going to accomplish. While, sure, things did get done, I didn't master the art of staying on top of things, and pacing myself. This year? Get ready, Hilda, I'm comin' for ya! As you might've seen on Instagram especially, I've been focusing on 5-15 minute “projects” I can do in my day to day. I figured, as I spend time organizing and taming my life this year, I'd bring you along for the ride, eh? We're all in this together, after all! *enter spontaneous song and dance from High School Musical*

One of the questions I got recently was about how I keep my diaper bag organized. While I'm not perfect at keeping it free of random socks, wrappers, and whatever the heck ends up making the lining look like the bottom of a cereal box, I do have a slight knack for keeping things organized (for the most part) and thought I'd share my best tips with you!

As declared recently, I love doing videos and plan to do more of them this year. My goal is to do a video every Tuesday and Thursday on Youtube, to be exact. So I hope you enjoy this week's Thursday video, which is all about:

…how I organize my diaper bag, and what I keep inside of it!

Now, I know I'm going to get comments about this, so let's clear the air. The diaper bag(s) I use are Lily Jade bags. Are they inexpensive? No, no they aren't. They are super duper nice, designer bags that I just so happen to be obsessed with, and I was lucky enough to have been given mine by Lily Jade. BUT…I believe there is NOTHING wrong with owning a nice bag, if that's something that is important to you! So first, go watch the video of my tips. Then, come back and I'll show you how you can afford a fancy bag, on any budget!

First up: The video! Watch online or click and watch below:

Doable, right?

One thing I didn't explain well in the video is that I don't always leave all of those mini bags in my diaper bag. I leave them in my car, and grab what I need, when I need it. So don't feel like you need to carry around as much junk as I show in the video! Oh, and that cute pot holder purse organizer? Get the tutorial HERE.

Now, here's how you can afford a designer bag on any budget…

Again, I’m well aware $100 – $300+ for a bag is a LOT. I’m no fool, I know that’s a lot of money. I have never spent anything even close to that on an item of fashion, bag included. I was lucky and had this bag given to me by Lily Jade. BUT…I really really love their bags and when my bag was stolen, I was fully committed to saving up and buying a new one to replace it. Thank GOODNESS the crook ditched it and I got it back.

If I'm being totally frank (…what's new…) I don’t love, nor enjoy, the excuse of “I could never afford a bag like that”. Tisk tisk, little chicken! With a little creativity and some delayed gratification, you can afford just about anything!! (Remember my 3 Month Rule??)

Here are a few tips for being able to afford a quality bag:

  • Save up! Be as frugal as you can throughout the week so you come in under-budget, then set the extra money aside. If you want a $300 bag, you would only have to save $3 per day for 90 days to be able to afford it! THREE DOLLARS!! That’s NOTHING!
  • Do a spending freeze for 1 week. A spending freeze could get you several hundred dollars in one shot!
  • Ask for it as a gift. Baby shower, birthday, Christmas…put it on your list and tell people to contribute toward the gift. The more people you get involved the more likely you will be to get enough money for it!
  • Sell things you don’t need. Have some old bags? Clothes? Decorations? Furniture? You can get $100 – $300 in a snap. Remember, Bubba sold his old Ti-83 calculator from high school a few years back and got $50? Yeah, that's not even a joke. Fifty. Dollars. It’s amazing what people buy and need, so flush out the old to pay for the new! See “How to sell your stuff” for tips.

So there you have it!

Hopefully this video helped you see not only how you can afford a fabulous bag, but how you can *hopefully* keep it a little more organized at the same time.

You're welcome!

(And for those who are asking, here are links to thing in my bag:






Thanks to Lily-Jade for sponsoring this post. It was my idea and this was planned months ago, because I love their products and love working with them. All ideas are mine, naturally!