How I organize my coupon notebook

Welcome back to “You're Welcome” Wednesday…where I share a creative tip that's bound to make you say…thanks 🙂
Lately I've been referring a lot to my coupon notebook, especially in THIS TV segment I did recently. I thought it was time to give you an insider's view! Aren't you excited? 😉
Here's a video showing what my notebook looks like, what's inside, how I organize it, and how I decide what coupons are in there. Might help you get organized! And remember, here are 10 discounts you should NOT overlook – your coupon notebook is a great tool when utilizing them.
Click HERE to watch the video online, or simply watch below. Enjoy!
One thing I didn't mention is:
The way I organize them makes it really easy to dump the ones that have expired. When the month is over, I simply go to that month's sleeves and empty them out. Done, and done. Sinch.
How do YOU organize your coupons? I'd love to hear it!
Oh…and you're welcome 😉


  1. I started this when you mentioned it last. This clarified it a bit though so thanks! BTW, I posted it on Facebook and my friend says "You can just make bank like me and coupons are irrelevant." My reply? "Mick Jagger bargains for prostitutes… you can use a damn coupon." It's true you know, I heard it on the news today, about Mick. Lol. Never thought I'd use it in reference to a coupon notebook, but whatever works…

  2. Shary – way to represent! Your friend is going to get a rude awakening when someday they are no longer "making bank" or when "bank" isn't enough and their life is turned upside down. THEN you can teach them all about a coupon notebook 😉 haha

  3. I do this with coupons and my gift cards as well. I take the baseball card sheet protectors and slide all my gift cards into the binder with my coupons. I have too many gift cards to put in my wallet and I don't want to put them all in my purse to cart everywhere. So now they are always in the car with me.

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