I have often used the anology of how diet, weight-loss, and fitness are just like budgeting, frugality, and  managing your money. In fact, that's the ENTIRE premise of my Frugality Boot Camps(Which, stay tuned…FBC 2014 will be announced soon!! EEEK!)

I started using this analogy because for myself first, but then quickly learned that it works for TONS of other people. Why?
Because typically any talk regarding MONEY, FINANCES, SAVING, blah blah blah is simply:
A) Boring, un-sexy, and just plain HORRIFIC to talk about, and
B) Tends to be complicated and hard to wrap your mind around.

However, we are all-too familiar with diet and weight loss. Whether we are trying to lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight, or simply be aware of our overall health, it is a constant reminder in media and society. It tends to be easy for us to understand and relate too.

Well, guess what? The same way you think of diet, fitness, and weight loss…is the same way you should think about finances, budgeting, and frugality!

As many of you know, in July we did a 10-Pound Challenge over here at FCF. The object of the challenge was to lose 10lb by Aug 1, through eating well and exercising (as all explained here).

Seeing as how I had 10lb of baby weight to lose, I thought losing the 10lb would be pretty simple; that my body would just bounce back to it's pre-baby weight.
DING. Reality check.

It was HARD WORK! (As most good things in life are.) I started typing up my experience, but thought it would translate better in a video…plus the post was starting to be 50 pages long.
We all know I'm not short on words…

Click HERE to watch the video online, or simply click below to watch.
Spoiler alert: To see my big weight loss reveal, go to point #6!
(P.S…I had to record this while in the car with my hubby so I am SO SORRY the quality is SO BAD!)

So, there you go! Long and boring video, I know (sorry about that) but I hope it maybe helped at least some of you somewhere think of your fitness and finances a little differently.

In summary,
I didn't achieve my goal of 10lb, but I lost 8.6 which was pretty darn close. Honestly, if I didn't have a family crisis arise I might have lost the last 1.4…but really, there will always be an excuse.

Here's how I lost weight:

  • Exercised as often as I could, at least 4x per week, usually at night before bed.
  • Didn't eat late. I cut myself off at 7 or 8 (depending on the day) and wouldn't let anything touch my mouth after that!
  • Ate treats and sugar sparingly. I allowed myself some once in a while, but if I ate a treat, I had to make up for it in my calories elsewhere and had to work out really hard that night.
  • Drank lots and lots and lots of water.
  • I got a great support system on-board to help me stay strong, and even started a family contest with money involved so I was extra incentivized!
  • I shared my weight publicly so you all could help me be accountable 🙂
Another tip? Make it fun!
One way is to sign up for a race so it “forces” you to get on a training schedule. 5K's are a GREAT way to start because they are only about 3 miles, a great distance for an amateur.

I heard about a really fun 5K here in Utah called the Invasion Run. It looks SO FUN! It's a 5K that's through a CORN MAZE. Fun for the family, and fun for the Halloween season for sure. It's on Friday September 6th here in Utah. If you use the promo code FCFINVADE you get $5 your entry fee. Check them out on Facebook too.

Please support these guys, because they are supporting Rising Star Outreach, the organization that I went to India with (remember, that's how I got my daughter's name?)
There is a great program called Couch to 5K with podcasts and tools to help you, and it's only $1.99 which is awesome!

So there you have it 🙂

How did YOU do this month? Did you achieve your goal? Why or why not? What helped you this month? Leave a comment and share with all of us!
Also, check out August's 100-Dollar Challenge, it's a good one!