Host a Game Day Party for Under $50!

Feb 6, 2023 | Entertain, Playing Hostess, Uncategorized

Some of us are football fanatics, while others of us are football food fanatics (eh-hem *raises hand*). Either way, we can all agree that the big game is excuse enough to have a February get-together! I’m going to show you exactly how to host one under $50, with a full menu and grocery list! 

The cost of groceries and inflation recently might make hosting a party seem like an expensive undertaking. It’s going to take some creativity but we can still put together a Game Day celebration affordably! 

First of all, as long as you have a TV with access to the big game, the entertainment is taken care of. No need to spend any money on any activities for the group! 

Minimal decorations are required, but if you’d like to add some fun touches then here are some easy ideas! 

  • Encourage your friends to wear their favorite team’s colors, that way your home will instantly pop with Game Day color at no cost to you!
  • Use brown paper grocery bags and draw footballs or team plays to be set out as tablecloths or place mats. 
  • If you already have a football at home, instant centerpiece. 
  • Solid color napkins are under a dollar, so grab one pack of each color for the teams playing. 


  • In your invitations, notify your friends to bring their own beverages of choice, saving you the added expense of supplying sodas or libations. 
  • Of course the easiest way to drop your party cost is to make it a potluck. I’ll still be sharing a party menu below if you’d rather not have a potluck set up. But at the very least, you can have each guest bring a bag of chips and/or a dip.


Here are some recipes that will feed the hungry fans as affordably as possible!

These are all recipes that can be set out for grazing on throughout the game day. I’ve included a corresponding grocery list below, and yes I even added all of these items to my Wal Mart cart and confirmed you can buy these ingredients for UNDER $50 at today’s prices!

Here's exactly what you'll need at the grocery store to make this all happen! I purchased these items at Wal Mart and opted for store-brand for many of the ingredients. Take inventory of your fridge and pantry before you head to the store though, and see if you already have any of these items on hand!

My cart totaled…….$42.67!

 There you go – as you can see, you can serve a spread full of protein, meat, cheese, carbs, and sweets for a reasonable tab! Enjoy a Game Day celebration with your friends and check out these other posts we’ve shared: 

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