Home for sale! Draper, UT

The rumors are true…we are moving! (And by rumors I mean I've mentioned it tons of times already and you are probably sick of hearing about it.) I've tried to keep up with questions on social media about why we are selling our home in Draper, UT and why in the world we are moving…but they are flooding in faster than I can keep up with! I decided to give you the full story about WHY we are moving, and answer all your questions in one place…and hope that by posting about our house someone, somewhere will see the listing and magically want to buy it on the spot. A girl can dream, right?? 

Let's start at the beginning…

WHY would you sell your house?

Because we are spontaneous, random, adventure-seeking, and have big dreams and even bigger goals that are worth a little hassle once in a while. Not kidding with this answer. The story is this…

When we were first married we bought a 2 bedroom townhouse in SLC. In anticipation of our 2nd child we went on the hunt for a longer-term home that would fit our growing family. We looked 18 months, walking through houses every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Yes, our realtor hated us (just kidding…I hope). After 6 months of looking we found our house, a mess-of-a-short-sale that was caught up in a divorce, 2 bankruptcies, and over 1 dozen liens. The yard was overgrown, it had been neglected for years, it needed some TLC and a serious scrubbing, and the MLS listing was terrible.

It was perfect.

We saw it as an opportunity for a hard-working, but non-wealthy family to get into a (once upon a time) million-dollar home at a fraction of the cost, and fix it up and flip it in 5 (or so) years once the market bounces back, *hopefully* giving us a return on our investment to then put into a home that is even better suited long-term for our family.

So we did!

It took us 12 months of hand-to-hand combat to get the house (yes, it was that complicated!). We should have given up several times, but didn't want to miss out on the good investment opportunity. We're glad we stayed persistent! Once it was ours we got to work.

We landscaped the yard, put in a play set,

Home for sale in Draper, UT!

put in a wrought iron fence, decorated, painted, and even redid the kitchen cabinets and sink:Draper, UT home for sale! We had fun adding custom touches like the hand-painted spray paint mural in Hutch's surf room:

Home for sale in Draper, UT!

And the recently-added Princess Play House in the basement:

home for sale in Draper, UT!

(pssst, see 60 in-depth photos HERE!)

The best part was that my parents, who live in Oregon, were looking for a condo to buy in Utah at the time so they could visit the grandkids more often, and get tax breaks since their home is basically paid off. When we found this home my dad proposed the idea of them “buying” our basement apartment.

Home for sale, Draper UT!

It would lessen our monthly mortgage by almost half, and would give them an investment property and tax break as well! …not to mention comfortable place to stay in Utah that they don't have to worry about sitting empty 1/2 the year or more. So when we sell our home, it will be a huge blessing to my parents as well, since we will buy them out of their share of the house.

If your house is so awesome, WHY are you moving?

We initially bought this house with a “5-year flip” in mind. We are coming up on 4 years and are motivated to sell because we found a family-friendly home that fulfills many of our family visions and goals. It's for sale, and if we sell quickly then we might be able to snatch it up before someone else does!

I'm a country girl at heart. Always have been. Bubba and I decided early on that we wanted to raise our kids in a home with room to run, play, get dirty, raise chickens (me, not Bubba. He hates chickens. I'm working on him though…), on a cul-de-sac where they can play night games until 10pm and we don't have to worry. The home we are in now is new, gorgeous, and is in a seriously incredible neighborhood. But a more “country-living” house fell into our laps and us being the crazy-heads we are, are going to try to get it…if it's meant to be, of course! We are so grateful to have our home! And if God wanted us to stay here until we die, we would. Happily. But so far we feel good about giving it a try and will see what happens.

Home for sale in Draper, UT!

We will miss this deck and views!

WHY is your house so expensive? 

Home for sale, Draper, UT!

Yeah, it's a tough price-point, isn't it? But the reality is that we live in a multi-million dollar neighborhood! Literally! The house across the street from us was $1.5 million when it was for sale, and the house next door listed at $1.2. The beauty is that we bought at the right time, and we are trying to sell while the market is hot. BUT…we purposefully listed this house for sale under market value, hoping for a quick sale. The house behind us has the same square footage and is currently for sale for $75K more! We got our house for a deal, and are hoping to sell it for a deal to someone else, while still making the investment and effort a blessing to our family and my parents.

WHY did you sell and move out a bunch of your stuff? (as explained on social media)

I'm a hoarder, and we've got lots of little kids running around. To stage the house properly we decided to clear out 1/2 our closets, most of our toys, all extra furniture and decor, and make it look as minimalistic as possible! It was a lot of work…and it will stink to move it all back in if this new house falls through. BUT – we are committed to trying, so we are playing by the “how to sell a house” rules! Ps our agent is AMAZING. If you need a referral, Craig Collette – 801-864-1655. We've used him on all our houses, and he's a childhood friend of Bubba's so we know he's a quality guy.

WHAT is your the new house like?

It's an older home (think early 90's with 80's taste…) with a huge yard, room to grow, good bones and lots of potential! It's still in the area we love in Utah which is a serious bonus. We are so excited to get our hands dirty and have a house that will teach us to DIY, renovate, update, and do it all on a budget. I plan to share every step of the process with you on this blog, YouTube, and Periscope (@FunCheapOrFree – as mentioned in my last post) as well as Instagram and Facebook…so be sure to follow so you can stay up-to-date on the process!

IF the new house doesn't work out, will you still move?

Hmm…that's a good question. If it doesn't work out, that's our answer from God that it wasn't meant to be. We will happily live in our current home for as long as we need to, always keeping our eyes peeled for a good deal on something that seems to be a good fit for our family. If/when another house comes along, we will pray and consider it, and if it feels right – and if it's in His plan – we will move.

Move. Stay. Buy an RV and hit the road. I don't really care, either does Bubba. We will go wherever we are meant to go!

Home for sale in Draper, UT

HOW can we help?

First of all, thanks to everyone who was even asking! Sheesh, you guys are the best. We are taking the process day by day. It's NOT easy to show and sell a house while still living in it, especially when you want to sell fast. But we are doing our best. The most helpful thing I can think of is to share OUR HOME LISTING with anyone you think might be legitimately interested, and encourage only serious inquiries to walk through the house since it's such a nightmare to clean it and hide in the car somewhere with 4 kids and a dog for an hour while people walk through it.

Second, thanks to everyone who came to my yard sale! Holy moly, was it a huge success! (Did you miss it? Follow me on Instagram and you won't miss a thing!). Without realizing it, that was supporting me in a major way.

Aside from that, just follow along with the process so I can share my excitement with you all! I've recently discovered Periscope as I mentioned in my last post, and will be using it a lot to give live tours, updates, and Q&A's. Follow along and don't miss a thing! (Download the free app then follow me, @FunCheapOrFree).

So there you have it! Again, see our house listing HERE. Hope that answered all your questions.

Love y'all, let me know if you have any other questions! XO